20 Mar

By Paul D. Hudon
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In Spirit, Simplicity, And Truth: What Is In Spirit, In Simplicity, and Truth? The tenets and dogmas of modern day religiosity must come down; they are nothing but filthy rags and have no stand in the spirit, we must eradicate from our belief system. With this in mind, our mindset should change daily, drawing us closer to Him in grace and truth through the Holy Spirit Life Source. All reflection must be spirit centered with no room for physical trappings bogging them down. His grace and truth are not stagnant, or stationary, but ever moving, ever learning. We must be applying and must be internalized these new truths into our daily life. They must become you, fulfilled in your lifestyle. Remembering what we believed last year may not be what we do this year. Our belief cannot be rooted in stringent do this and do not do that. We must be able to freely interact with the spirit and be guided by the spirit. Now human-made dogma is just man’s conception and based on their vain imaginations. We will use the GREAT IAM in place of God because this denotes that He is neither male nor female gender. He is neuter gender because he is a Spiritual Life Source. Spirit Life is not human life, and cannot be; we must be mindful of this fact. “Principle I Am” making “Him the only I Am ” or the “Great I Am.” Remember we are the only ones who can say “I Am” for ourselves. Now the GREAT IAM.  Now the writer’s opinion; and furthermore, he believes; the Universal Holy Spirit Life Source has handed this to him. Furthermore, it can be substantiated by scripture because it is very simple. We believe that His truth is simple, and not complicated, as people would have us believe. Furthermore, this tells us that when in the Old Testament it says in Job, that Satan had access to only the earth Since there is no Satan, these are fabricated stories for fear or scare tactics. All in the purpose of control of the masses.
It says he had been wondering back and forth on the earth. They teach that this is his dominion, which he won from Adam and Eve. The GREAT IAM said unto the serpent; because you have done this, and cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; and upon your belly and dust shall be you eat, all the days of thy life. Now this is written in parable. Since there is no Satan, this is man’s fear mongering to control humankind.
Do we totally understand this simplicity? Why do we try to complicate His way of life? We fail to see that He is spirit and must worship in spirit and truth life that is in our inner core being. In Spirit, Simplicity, and Truth. What is with our Soul. If you know, do you understand?  Remember what is physical are the writings of Moses. Are you aware that nine hundred other carnal statutes were added to the Sabbath law alone, by the Jewish Priesthood before Christe came to this earth? We always ask you how many laws added to all the rest. Christ accused the Pharisees of having so many do not do that, and do this, that there was no semblance to the precepts handed down by Moses. Now this is why the Pharisees accused Him of breaking the Sabbath. He came to do away with the writings of Moses, and all other extraneous laws; and lift the Ten Commandments to The Spiritual as they were first intended. We repeat the Ten Commandments are not physical and have never been anything but spiritual. The above writings of Moses given to a weak nation, who could not comprehend the full meaning of the Spiritual. They had to have physical sacrifices as teachers, to teach them the true meaning of His Spiritual Law. They needed the mirror to direct them in the way to go. We said in the book the Image Syndrome that the writings and the law are not synonymous. He said there would be no changes allowed with His law. We sophisticated human beings are so much superior to HIM and say that the law is no longer binding. Now I agree with this statement because the law is bound in UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.
That is The Ten Commandments, yet He came to lift them to the sublime and to show us the pure intent of every commandment. Now this is what we hope to show with this book. The laws have always been spiritual, but the man has always needed to bring them down to the physical to understand them. The reason for the sacrifices, to instruct them physically in understanding the spiritual intent. The man also needs physical replicas of their Creator to worship him. However, the second commandment says graven images cannot, and will not worship Him. Is it not ironic that they the Israelites were not long out of Egypt before they made for themselves a golden calf, claiming it to be the god that took them out of Egypt? Why are men so soon removed from truths? CHRIST says to do it, one way, and the man seems to do it his way. The man appears to think he knows more than His GREAT IAM does, and further to this; the Eternal Creator says we cannot worshiped him in that manner.

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