22 Mar

By Paul D. Hudon
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 On June 22, 1949, John Ryman and June Lockwood of Seattle, Washington were married and celebrated their honeymoon in Palm Spring, California and had some fun because John was very jocular and always a joking, person who love to play pranks. Now June loved that side of him but she did not realize that he was also a closet drinker. Besides he had not matured in any way, of that she was not aware. He had been drinking since he was sixteen, when his religious family shunned him, and ostracized him out of their life. This was the punishment that the church demanded because he was a fall-away Christian, and must be punished until he repented so they said.
Now GOD is LOVE and only LOVE and HE is not judgmental. Now HE through CHRIST the greatest teacher came to teach us that, there is no Law, GOD is total GRACE, and religiosity will not agree with this.  No they forced their religion on him, and made him accept Christ. In order to have peace he faked his giving his heart to the Lord and became a Born again Christian. This idea is man made to bring mankind into subjection so that they can control the mass.  If a scripture fits this situation, it is this one unless the ETERNAL FATHERS calls them they cannot come to CHRIST. If the Eternal does not do the calling, then the convert has been made two-fold the servant of hell. This is what happened to John. Now John and June’s marriage went well for the first year, John had his night out with the boys and was drinking very heavily. His wife was pregnant and they were due to have a baby. Now one of these night after the baby was born John had stayed away all night, with one of his harlot. Now when he came into the house, and tried to tickle her through the banister, again never having grown up. June tried to avoid him in twisting out of his way and to avoid injuring the baby, in this action her leg was caught in between two of the banister railing, as she spun to save the child, and she fell with the baby on her belly, but she broke her leg in three places. However like a coward John went out leaving her to suffer their on the floor, he went back to his prostitute. June laid the baby on the floor, and called Jessica the neighbor’s young daughter who babysat for them when they went out. Now when Jessica came in she called an ambulance and June transported to the hospital, June out of surgery had an iron brace in her hip bone, because it had splintered. They did not know if she would walk without a hobble. The reason for this was one leg was about one inches shorter than the other. Jessica who was fifteen years old took the baby and cared for it at her place. John did not show up until three days after the accident. He said he did not know that she had been injured, or he would not have gone out. She said my lawyer is out in the hall would you call him in. John went to the hallway, and says to the lawyer she would like to see you.
Now we will inform you that June was from a very wealthy family. Her father owned one of the most prestigious advertising firm in Seattle. When the lawyer and John came back in, June said have you got the papers the lawyer said yes. June said serve them and he gives John the divorce papers.
Now I want you out of the house. I know about all your girls, and I know that you are an alcoholic. Yes, I did not find this out until about six months after we were married, but being a closet drinker, I did not know how far gone you were. My father has made you a check for $250,000.00 and when you sign the divorce papers there is another $250,000.00 for you, it is more than you deserve but he for the company sake want to be rid of you. You did something so callous when you left me on the floor in pain. John I did not know, or I would have stayed, now you would not your too much into fun, fun, you will never grow up. Because of you I will never walk properly again. If you think I want a spoil comedienne and prankster for a husband, a boy in a mans body who will probably never grow up. Oh yes your religious upbringing, sure did you a lot of good. Your tea toting born again family did you a world of hurt when they force you to be something you were never meant to be at that time. Now there are some religious people will say it was not their fault. Well to that I say this, scripture denounces you are the Pharisees of today, read what scripture say about you.
Calling is not left to the wisdom of man because man is not wise when it comes to that subject. There is a scripture in the word that says everyone in his time. No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him. Then I will raise him up on the last day. And this is the will of him who sent me, that I shall lose none of all that he has given me, but raise them up at the last day, and has a greater ramification than meets the eye. Not everybody brought into the churches conversion status is genuinely called. Those that were never meant to be called at that time when they leave they are two-fold the servant of hell. Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when made, he is two-fold more the child of hell than yourselves. You know that this section of scripture talks about church leaders sitting at a dead windows bedside trying to get her to leave her wealth to the church. Who’s kingdom are they building? Now it sure is not the kingdom of heaven based on the chief cornerstone Christ.
Now we will take you to 1972, and we are in the offices of the Lockwood Advertizing Firm, Jessica’s young son of eighteen years old, Denis Brownlee was such a help to June Lockwood, and she had been training him since he was fifteen. He had become a good assistant to her he was so talented and so devoted, and this day June daughter Marge Lockwood was teasing him as she was prone to do, and Denis tried to a best of time to ignore her but she was his employer’s spoilt brat, and he could not avoid her. Now this day she took a pen filled it with bleach and sprayed it all over his suit, and laugh as the color started to change in color where the bleach had penetrated the garment. Marge was smiling and laughing and saying she had gotten him good. Meanwhile, June came into the room and Denis I had it I quit, and will not work with her here, I am leaving. Denis went out the door not even looking back. Marge, it was just a trick, it was all in fun. June yes you are just like your father, everything is fun, and you do not care who you hurt. It is always so Marge can have her kicks. Your dad was the same and he died in the gutter. I taught dad died when I was born. Yes, he died from alcohol poisoning, he was responsible for my broken leg in three places. My father gave him $500,000.00 while I was in the hospital, Denise’s mother Jessica came when I phoned her next door. Now your dad was with his girl of the street for three days before he came to see me in the hospital. He had tripped me with you in my arms and fell and to save you I had to turn so you would not fall under me. Yes, your dad left me thinking it was just another of his prank. You are exactly like him. Yesterday I got the lawyer to find you a two bedroom bungalow; I was going to give you the key this evening over an evening meal. I have changed my mind; I do not want to see you again. So here is the check for $500,000.00 and the key to the bungalow, it is yours and you have only yourself to blame. You, you are fired, this bleach incident was the last straw. Just like your dad he never grew up either. He spent the whole $500,000.00 on homebrewed alcohol and loose women in two years. He died from an overdose of home-brewed whiskey, which probably had other thing mixed with it. I know that you are a closet drinker also, like father like daughter. I know the acorn or apple does not fall that far from the tree. I am not sure how long you have been drinking, and I do not care to know, this is very hard for me to do. Now I know that you will not change, and I cannot have you disrupting my business when it takes your fancy. I tried to shield you from the truth about your father, and that was a mistake. The keeping of dirty secrets is not a wise thing to do. Now this letting you go is much more painful, and yet I know I will have no peace in my business until you go. Marge, it was all in fun, I meant no harm. Yes, your dad said he wanted not to hurt either, but he was fun, fun, that is all he taught of, with no sense of growing up. Marge, you will see I will show you. June yes just like your father you will show us, he sure did show us he spent $500,000.00 in two years and died in the gutter. He was the closest drinker just like you. Marge, I am leaving this makes it easier you cannot take a joke at all you are all such spoilsports. 
June a business is not a place for joking and pranks. Now here is your check, and your key and the address of the bungalow is on the envelope the check is in with the key. Now this is the business that enables me to give you your home and the check for $500.000.00.
Now I am afraid that like your father you will drink it away, and you will probably be dead in two to three years. Marge well at least I will have fun before that happens. June, yes fun is your only interest. Let us see if I am right; I hope I am wrong. I hope you can do something with your life. Three years to the day Marge was dead of alcohol poisoning, she also died in the gutter. Denis did come back to the company and is now one of the managers to the corporate accounts advertising department. No, the apple does not fall far from the tree. This story could be true, but it could also not be true. The principle introduce in this story are happening all the time, and that is drastic. The scenario for this story was given to me in a semi-dream state not awake not asleep. I was not totally awake nor was I sleeping. I got out of bed and typed it into the computer and finished it today. We can blame the parents for John Ryman’s condition or can you answer that question. His daughter went the same way, and never shunned by her mother, yet she followed her father to her death the same way as her father. I will say this about that some people are prone to be alcoholics and should never touch alcohol at all.


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