17 Jun


By: Paul D. Hudon

Paraphrased From Neale Donald Walsch’s

One of the most common ideas about God is that God is on our side. God is in our corner. God grants us favours because we are in God’s favour.

We have told ourselves that when we go to war, God is on our side. When we kill thousands of people in acts of terrorism, God is on our side. When we struggle to make our religion the dominant religion across the face of the earth, God is on our side. When we create a new country, God is on our side. When we attempt to tear apart an old country, God is on our side. When we launch a social, political, or economic revolution, God is on our side. And especially when we seek to defend ourselves, God is on our side—which is why all attack is called a defence. Have you ever noticed that? Nobody ever says they are attacking anybody. All attacks are called defensive, and are thusly justified.

God is on our side in positive matters, too. We’ve told ourselves that we were successful in an election campaign because God is on our side. We landed that huge contract because God is on our side. We got to the wedding on time, even though there was a huge traffic jam, because God is on our side.

Wait, it gets even more trivial than that. We kicked the winning goal in the World Cup because God is on our side. We hit the home run in the bottom of the ninth because God is on our side.

(We round first and head to second pointing a victorious index finger to the sky to let everyone know that God is responsible for the feat. We drop to one knee and make the Sign of the Cross after catching a touchdown pass to make it clear that we praise and thank God for our success.)

God cares who wins the game. That’s the message, loud and clear. God cares.

God cares whether the pass in the end zone is complete or incomplete. God cares whether you hit a home run or strike out. God cares whether you get the most votes or do not. God is on your side, not the other side. If God were on the other side, they would win. If God were on everyone’s side, it would be a draw. Every game would end a tie. Every effort would be a stalemate.

Fortunately, it isn’t that way. God wants your side to win the war. God wants your idea to make thousands of dollars. God wants your parking space to be there waiting for you.

Yes, the message is clear. And each of us can say it without seeing any contradiction. God is on our side.

Now comes The Great What If . . .

What if God is not on anybody’s “side”? What if God does not care who “wins,” who “loses,” who’s “right,” who’s “wrong.” who “succeeds,” who “fails,” or who does or does not do anything at all?

Would it make a difference? Does it matter? In the overall scheme of things, would it have any significant impact in our planetary experience?

Yes, obviously it would. Right now, billions of people are sure that God is on their side—and there could be no more dangerous thought than that.

This idea that god is on one side and not on another has given rise to more actions that have caused more misery for more people than almost any other single notion. The spiritual arrogance of the idea is ignored by most, who seem to want to sidestep the obvious conclusion that if God is on their side, then God, in fact, must not be on the other side. This sets God up as a Deity who chooses winners and losers, declares ideas worthy or unworthy, labels decisions fair or unfair, pronounces countries good or evil, designates religions right or wrong, calls people saved or condemned, and holds all manner of preferences and priorities, proclivities and predilections, penchants and partialities.

God has been telling us from the very beginning, and it is becoming more clear to us every day, that humanity’s Ancient Cultural Story about God being on our side is plainly and simply inaccurate.

It is okay now to remove this ancient teaching from our current story, and to stop telling this to ourselves and to our children.

It is important to understand that God was not made in the image and likeness of man. It is the other way around. Man is made in the image and likeness of God. And, of course, if God is on our side, then God’s preferences and priorities, proclivities and predilections, penchants and partialities all agree with ours.

It would be wonderful if this could be placed on billboards around the world:

God was not made in the image and likeness of Man. It is the other way around.

This means that human beings are divine, each having all the qualities of divinity within them. What it does not mean is that God has human qualities. So God does not like the Los Angeles Dodgers better than the Atlanta Braves. And God doesn’t want your country to win the World Cup more than God wants another country to win it.

God is not hoping that your nation is victorious in the war rather than the nation you are fighting. And God does not support the world’s revolutionaries more than God supports the world’s governments. And God does not align with the values of the Republican Party more than God aligns with the values of the Democratic Party.

It’s time for human beings to let go of their need to believe in a God of preferences. First, we had to let go of our God of the brand name, now we add to that list our God of preferences.

Derailing some really fundamental ideas embraced by many people, it is time to accept the fact that God does not hold the thought that women should never be priests or members of the clergy, that gays should never be allowed to be married, or that non-Christians should never be allowed into heaven.

Difficult as it may be for some people to imagine, God does not, we repeat here for emphasis, prefer Baptists over Hindus, Catholics over Jews, Muslims over Mormons, or any religion over any other religion. God does not even prefer those who believe in God over those who do not believe in God.

These are not God’s ideas. These are the ideas of human beings who think that these are God’s ideas.

We said it before and we’ll say it again: God is not a male human being writ large. God is the Supreme Intelligence and the Primal Energy underlying the universe . . . an intelligence and an energy without specific identity.

Is it really conceivable that God has a favourite colour or a favourite number, a favourite team or a favourite player, a favourite nation or a favourite religion, a favourite gender or a favourite race?

Does it feel realistic that God holds particular political views, or economic views, or social views, or spiritual views? And if so, which ones?

Wait. We don’t have to ask that. The people who hold particular views will tell you which ones. Theirs, of course.

Well . . . while this disrupts the whole story line of people and political parties and nations and religions wanting to insist that they are the lone upholders of moral values and the last bastions of spiritual rectitude on the earth, it is important that humanity come to clarity on the true nature of divinity and the factual aspects of Ultimate Reality.

None of the above means that life is against us. God is not on our side in the sense that God favours you over someone else, but life is always prepared to give us what we most fervently and feelingly believe we are going to receive.

Life proceeds out of your intentions for it. We have been told, “As you believe, so will it be done unto you,” and that is true. Belief is a strong and very powerful energy. It is a magnet. It attracts to us what we firmly expect it to. Yet this is not because “God is on our side”; this is because God has given us, as described earlier, a mechanism with which to manipulate and affect the raw energy that is All of Life.

Life affects life through the process of life itself. The Essential Essence is an energy that has an impact upon Itself.

One who learns how to use this energy in a positive fashion through thought, word, and action has stepped onto the road to mastery in living.

Yet never “pray” or use the power of thought, word, and action to bring you something to the detriment of another. Always remember, there is only One of Us.

If, therefore, you seek something for yourself to the detriment of another, you “win” with the right hand and “lose” with the left. Even if you seem to have “won” in one instance, the experience of how you “lost” will visit you in the next.

When in any sort of situation where your desires are juxtaposed with another’s, say a prayer, or hold the thought, that the outcome that is produced will be the one that is best for all concerned.

This is true spiritual mastery, for it requires and demands nothing, but holds every outcome and experience as perfect. In this awareness is found both freedom and

(Comment to this whole article By: Paul D. Hudon. There is a flaw here GOD is not into war mongering, hate mongering, fear mongering or control. To think so negates the point that he is Unconditional Love. It also flies in the face of the fact that he is no respecter of people. Another factor is that HE is not physical, nor is he subject to be grounded.

I am incline to agree with a all of the stated facts above, as long as there is no greed or taking advantage of the other again we have to be operating in Unconditional Love as well. But again this is not tangent to being earthy, this is spiritual.

The only impact it would have is if GOD was divided, of which HE is not so since division are not of HIM or a part of HIS plan, then He is for himself HIS wholeness, He is for every cell as a unit, He cannot choose sides. Yet he wants the unity of his whole body to coexist as a unit, like any coach of a sport organization, working together as a cohesive group. Yet this is not a very good analogy, but lets remember that physical analogies fail in their task every time. They are too limiting, too earthy.

God is for me, but since I am not alone, and just like my physical body GODS body is comprised of every soul on this earth as well as those in the universe, the human body is not unlike; it has 17 billions cells in its make up, and all these cells are one in nature. Yet this human body is not what comprises the body of GOD it is the spirit essence, the SOUL or SPIRIT LIFE in man that is one with GOD.

Now GOD works with each and every individual on an individual bases with no favouritism. Now his support is based on the individual encouragement of each person, to help develop them according to what he laid out for each entity. We must remember that every situation that you come upon is not a capricious act but something that has been attracted to you by yourself. So when we remember that we as humans are one cohesive unit we can evolve into the person that GOD wants us to become.

Like the body the cells that comprise the heart do not conflict with the cells that make up the kidneys. Since each individual soul is an expression of GOD HE is one with them and HE allows each situation to fit the overall plan. I am repeating nothing happens capriciously in each souls life, although the decision are the individual choice, and depending how well the person is in tuned to HIS soul will signify the results. GOD only generates circumstances to encourage the evolution to spirituality of each individual. Yet it is the Soul or Spirit or GOD in you that does the attracting these situation to us. In essence your oneness with GOD leads you to generate these acts.

Now until we can understand the unity of spirit or soul in the context of the cells of the body in man we are doomed to separate and re-divide to infinity. Now we are well on the road to doing just that. Now only in as much as we can come to an understanding that if we are in tuned to our oneness with GOD in spirit.

I have been saying that GOD is not physical and I will continue to say so. Now we have brought GOD down to our level, this is why we have so many do this do not do that. I maintain that the scriptures that we say were given to us are a blatant contradiction because there is too much humanness in them.

I say that the scriptures are divided into two facet. I am not saying Old and New, what I am saying is, the two facets are Unconditional Love, and the other side is Hate, War, Gossip, Control, Mongering, which is mans slant of what a physical god would do. I have been saying man has never climb to the sublime as he was meant to do, but has brought god down to the physical level, his level. Christ came to teach us to walk in the spirit, and not to be earth bound. I know I am repeating my self but repetition is good for the soul.

This belief of god being a physical replica of man rather than the other way around has kept mankind earthy. This has brought more division among the races of men than any other myth pawn off as being gods will, according to man, and not really the true GOD of the universe.

Mankind has never really wanted to climb to the sublime he has always wanted to remain earthy, or earth bound. This is why he created his god in his own image. Man does not know what oneness means, they and I repeat divide and re-divide to infinity.

I have placed a name on all these division, I call them The Babble Of Religiosity all speaking a different tong and all saying they are the preferred tong. Further to this I repeat it is the blind leading the blind and in the end they both fall into the ditch.

By: Paul D. Hudon

Contact phudon77@gmail.com

Phone: 1-250-921-5502

Muslim Sect there are three major divisions In discussing any religion, it is important to differentiate between the original teaching and the offshoots. Many Muslims might not be aware of the wide variety of teaching in the world of Islam. Simply speaking, one can see three very broad categories of Muslims. Christians too should know about the people in different sects of Islam to better understand how they think. Paul said in 1 Corinthians 9:22, “I have become all things to all men so that by all possible means I might save some.” “Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a truth, I perceive that God is no respecter of persons. But in every nation, he that fears him, and works righteousness, is accepted with him.” “And, you masters, do the same things unto them, forbearing threatening: knowing that your Master also is in heaven; neither is their respect of persons with him. Now if ye call on the Father, who without respect of person judges according to every man’s work, pass the time of your sojourning here in fear.”
Now do you think for one moment that the ETERNAL CREATOR loves you more than he loves the MUSLIM less than he loves you? Now do you think that you as a Christian, have the monopoly on GODS LOVE? Then you are fooling yourself; Christ did not come to rear up divisions, he came here to unite. Separation is man’s idea, and it is not of GOD. Now you know we fought a war to stop this respecter of people attitude, do you think for one moment that the Nazi were an elite people, or that the jaws are an elite people then we are a respecter of individuals, and you are not of GOD. I believe that the bible was put together to grant just that mentality of superior race attitude. Christ through Paul said that there was neither Jew or Gentile in his outlook of his creation. No respecter of people means exactly that no preferred people’s.
Now the Romans were the first to call the followers of CHRIST Christians, the apostles did not separate congregation only by city name the Church of God at Corinthian, and so on, yet they were all in the first church. The congregation at Rome was no greater than the group of Ephesians.
We in this society have a group of 2000 members, and we get a charismatic young leader who starts teaching something entirely different and  gathering half of the brethren behind him and eventually takes them out of the body. Now this takes place after months of infighting between him and the leadership; the present leader tries to destroy the young leader through gossip mongering and spreading all kinds of lies and filth about the young man. Now they are no different from modern-day politicians who spread dirt about the opposition.
There are many subdivisions within Buddhism, but most we can classify into three major branches: Theravada (“Way of the Elders”), Mahayana (“Greater Vehicle”) and Vajrayana (“Diamond Vehicle”).
Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism went their separate ways in the first century AD. Mahayana then subdivided into several diverse schools, such as Zen, Pure Land, and Nichiren, many of which flourish today in East Asia. The Vajrayana Buddhist tradition is an esoteric sect that is predominant in Tibet and Nepal.
In the study of comparative religion, the East Asian religions (also known as Far Eastern religions or Taoic religions) and form a subset of the Eastern religions. This group includes Confucianism, Shinto, Taoism, and elements of Mahayana Buddhism; as well as new religious movements such as Cao Đai, Chen Tao, Hòa Hảo, Chondogyo, Jeung San Do, I-Kuan Tao, and Falun Gong.These traditions or religious philosophies focus on the East Asian concept of Tao “The Way”; pinyin dào, Korean do, Japanese tō or dō, Vietnamese đạo.The place of East Asian religions among major religious groups is comparable to the Abrahamic religions and Indian religions. East Asian religions are dominant in China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and other countries within the East Asian cultural sphere. Early Chinese philosophies defined Tao and advocated cultivating Te in that Tao.Some old schools have merged into traditions with different names or are no longer active, such as Mohism and many others of the Hundred Schools of Thought, while some such as Taoism persist to the modern-day. East Asian religion is usually polytheistic or nontheistic, but henotheistic, monotheistic, pantheistic, panentheistic and agnostic varieties exist, inside and outside of Asia.East Asian religions have many Western adherents, though their interpretations may differ significantly from traditional East Asian thought and culture.
Now the Christian are the most divided of all faiths; there is more different belief than any other religion, now how can so many divisions be anywhere near the truth, I have a very hard time to fathom that they can be more right than any other religion. I am coming to see, for example, Nazi was a religion, they were going to set up the millennia 1000 year reign, this is what CHRISTIANITY teaches a thousand-year reign under Christ Hitler believed that he was setting up this 1000 year reign. Communism could be classed a religion if you think that I am stretching the meaning of worship well I say no.
Now Christ I believe did not come here to start a religion in HIS name, now the Romans gave the name Christian to HIS followers, and like everything human it became fast the name is allotted to this group of people, the Romans called them Christian. Now they just called themselves the Church Of God and nothing else. They were the congregants at Corinthian, at Rome, Thessalonians, and so on and so forth. They were not Christian until the Roman Government called them such. Now I repeated this because I taught it was important.
Mohamed did not come to start a religion; it did not get started until after he was dead. Now I advocate divisions do not serve the ETERNALS CREATORS purpose and fly in the face of HIS desire for a consensus of the oneness in spirit. Until they all come to the unity of the Spirit, now this is an impossibility in the present dispensation.
Now the whole world attitude from time immemorial has been to segregate, and they have succeeded, and if they can keep us totally preoccupied with separation they will find it easier to dominate, and control us, and control the governments, and they are only puppets in the hands of the wealthy demigods. We can only win if we come to the consensus of one mind that only love can conquer all and build the bridge between man. Hate always is overcome by LOVE. Love and only LOVE will prevail, and let us be a committee of one and let LOVE build the bridge between your heart and mine, and every other person around the world.
Now he may not do things the way you would do it, but that does not make it wrong. It only makes it different. How can you hate him for it, when you cannot be him, and he cannot be you. What doe it matter if you are ad variance in outlook? LOVE is, allowing him or her to be themselves, and they should allow you to be you. These differences are what makes us so unique. Learn to see the uniqueness, not the differences or the individualities, but as uniqueness, I repeat.
Now to say that Christianity has the answer to its present disorganized confusion is stretching the truth. Now the truth they know not and can never come to the truth, the division will not please the ETERNAL CREATOR, and to think that the CHRISTIAN have the answer is foolishness, and GOD does not love any more than all the people of other religions.
Now if CHRISTIANITY were on the right track, they would not have the division and would be united. Now it serves their purpose to fill their bank accounts with money, and build big monstrosities that honor humanity and not GOD, that waste the congregant’s money. These funds could better serve the poor the needy the hungry the homeless, and the disenfranchised. The head of these churches brings home millions of dollars in personal income, at the expense of the poor. Now are you getting the message if so keep quiet?
I ask where the unity of spirit is? YES WHERE IS THE UNITY OF SPIRIT, I ASK?


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