15 Jun

By; Paul Hudon

Love Gives Life – – — – – – – – – Hate Kills
Love Encourages – – – -Hate Discourages
Love Builds Up – – – – – – – Hate Destroys
Love Frees – – – – – – – – – – Hate Enslaves

One of my original quotes: “There are no strangers in my life, I talk to anyone, and everyone, because there is no one stranger than I.” Now I have no fear of anyone out there, because if they choose to show hatred towards me so be it. I have never had anyone hit me or bring about an altercation. I know that this would never happen because I trust that the Universe Protects Me. I believe, and I trust, and I am what I believe. I never operate out of hate; I am always in the love mode. I wake up happy, and go to bed happy every day; there is no such thing as hate in my mode of operation. Now I say hello to everyone on the street, now a few and very few give me the drop dead look. When this happens, I do not make it my problem because that is their wish. My happiness does not depend on them; it comes from within me.
Now if they need and introduction to every human, before they will speak to them, they are in for a gathering of very few people around them. I have no ulterior motive in my greeting everybody I meet. I am a friendly personality, and I love people for the fact that we are part of all the same creation. Hence brothers in the flesh and we are all worthy of being befriended. I love me, and I am very comfortable in my skin. Life is beautiful, and if you see it as a bore to live it, then you are looking at it the wrong way. You are answering to your fears, and fear causes hate. The two are synonymous if you wish to dispute this then that is why you are seldom happy or rejoice or in good humor. I repeat I have no fear. I do not even fear death. It is just my energy going back to the universe, and what it does with this energy I think I know, but it is not a critical issue.
Further to this, I am my brother’s keeper, I am at present taking care of a young lady who suffers from anorexia nervosa, and I am treating her with loving counseling. She also has a touch of O.C. Disorder. And she changes her mind so often hard to deal with her, but I believe I will be successful. Everything in the physical must have a place, and she will not allow anyone to move one item; if you do she is disturb.
Her physical life, organized, but her mind is in complete disorder. She cannot organize it like her physical life; she has no control over her eating. It has become disorganized, and she changes her mind ten times in one day. She turns herself off of food on a whim and then does not eat. She blames outside forces for all her problems, what she does not realize is that the problem is inside. She says she does, but in reality, there is no proof in her lifestyle.
I am trying to reinforce her mind with the mantra. Now she does not realize that it does not change overnight. To change anything in the spirit it could take three to four months to change the mind. I have just added one word to my mantra on an inspired thought. The words are I am a Healer; now I know I am but with this one word added to my mantra the gift to strengthened. I am trying to give her a mantra to reinforce her mind in a more control fashion. I know that anorexia is a form of control, but it is a misguided power. It is control over not understanding that she is not fat. She sees herself as fat and must have control over her food intake. She does in sporadic bursts of endeavor and is very unnecessary and very destructive and debilitating. One must learn to bring one’s mind into total balance on every front. The mantra I gave her based on the principle that anything we place behind I Am we become. The memory can be re-programmed to change its mode of operation and the way we think. All of my suggestions to her were those that would enhance her mind to gaining the upper hand rather than remaining in a flight mode. I am Love, Joy, Peace, Longsuffering, Gentleness, Goodness, Faith, Meekness, and Temperance; I Am Health. Any time that there is a psychological problem it stems out of fear. The moment you treat it with love it goes away. If you will note the mantra I Have given her is one of LOVE it is self-strengthening of her positive psychoses rather than the negative.
You know when someone dies, they are all going to heaven, yet they preach hell and brimstone in most of their services. Some of these have never entered a church in twenty odd years, but they are presumed to go to heaven. Now this attitude of hell does not exist, and this is only fear mongering, and part of religion, and only tends to separate and divide. Let us equate Fear and Hate as synonymous so by saying or substituting Hate for fear the bottom equation is apropos. Because when we fear it results in hate, because we hate what we fear. 

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By: Paul D. Hudon
There are only two ways of looking at life; the first is LOVE; which spawns good health, the second is FEAR, and it spawns ill-health. Hate breeds separation, and it is rigid and controlling. LOVE unifies and allows total freedom. One who loves knows that anybody who they come in contact with cannot be them, so they allow these people to be themselves. Now these same people understand that even though the person they meet does not do things like they do, does not make it wrong. It may not be the way for them, but it does not make it, not right for the person who is doing the act. So Unconditional LOVE allows for the difference and without judgment.
The greatest fear is fear of death, yet Franklin D. Roosevelt said there is no greater fear than fear itself. So if you have excessive fear you could scare yourself to death, this sometimes happens when a Doctor say just three weeks to live, some people never make it past the three weeks. Now some make the decision that they will live in spite of what the prognosis says. Now, one is living in LOVE; the other is surviving in FEAR.
Some people can leave their home unlocked, as well as their car, and believe it will be safe, and other operate from fear, and their fear occurs to them. Because you are, and become what you think. You attract to you either LOVE or FEAR related actions. Now obesity can be a fear prompted signal by your unconscious mind if this is so the unconscious we must retrain to self-love. The body will seek out the bodies proper weight. If you program the unconscious mind to believe that 130 pounds, is the ideal weight for your body, it will reach that weight and never bypass it. Now fear to exceed this weight will sabotage this program, but LOVE of self will enforce this program.
Now hell fire and damnation are the greatest fear spawned off by man: or fear mongering spawned off by religion, making us afraid to die because of this unknown factor. I have no fear of death because my perception of GOD is one of a none judgemental GOD and one of Unconditional and Pure LOVE. He has no need to kill his only begotten son as religion would have us believe, to save his creation. If this were true, then the organization named in HIS son’s name would not be divided. I am HIS SON, and also created in HIS IMAGE, so because I am GOD, HAVE ETERNAL LIFE, AM LOVED, ALL POWERFUL, AND FREE. Therefore I Am GOD.
Now I repeat in to ask this one question in passing; why is the organization based on Christ, so divided?
There are up to 65,000 congregations comprised of possibly 130 denominations at last count 1992. Division is not of GOD love does not divide it unites. If you want to cite a failure Christianity as a circulated religion the world over is the greatest failure, nothing but division, and still dividing even more. Hate Divide and LOVE unites, LOVE is the answer and the only answer. GODS love is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE; he has no need for any separating, good from evil, and rewarding evil with punishment.
Now the Muslim or the Buda do not have these same beliefs although they do have some of them. They two have fears beyond their wildest imaginations. The Muslim have a fear of being coupled with a pig and much more. Some Israeli have threatened to bury them in pig skins. Now all these silly beliefs are based in fear, and all religion keep their flock in control through fear mongering. Now this does not matter which religion we site.
These religious beliefs are they Christian, are predicated on a god so weak that he could not save his creation by any means but the death of his son. Then the proof of this is in the fact that these religions have not converted the whole world to their way of thinking. Their god is so weak that he cannot keep this group of believers undivided. Now the rest of the populated world is also as divided in their beliefs, be they Muslim, Buda or for that matter any other religion.
We can combine the whole horde of religion and they all can be called the Babble Of Religiosity, Babylon Mystery Religion, all babbling a different conviction or language or belief. You may beg to differ but what I have stated is true. They are not of GOD.
The Roman Church during the crusade tried to convert the whole Muslim world through the belief that if they killed them, they would save through the trial by fire. During the Spanish Inquisition; they tortured none believers until they recanted their old belief and embraced the Roman Church. They could not saturate the whole world with their faith. They had to invent Hell and Damnation, how else could they fail so drastically. All dogma is fear base mongering for control. All religions use the same principles to control the masses; it has nothing to do with LOVE. Now LOVE unifies, but FEAR separates.
Through fear mongering they still failed. Remember this fear mongering, is steeped in control. Now God to them is so impotent and useless that they have not converted the whole world, but they have more division than ever, and more increasing every day.
The true GOD will win out because HE is all potent, and all-knowing and has a movement of LOVE which will permeate the world. LOVE and only LOVE is the answer, nothing else. My GOD is not divided, and is all-powerful and will win in the end time for everyone will be saved in HIS time and through UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Now GOD does not wish to clone HIMSELF, and he LOVES the diversity in HIS creation. The whole 7.5 billion souls of humanity HE will save. Now this will not be by the proselyte of religion that has no power in their belief of a powerless God. Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you compass sea and land to make one proselyte or convert and MAKE him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves.
Fear evolves into wars, attack, defense, aggression, determination, or covetousness, to divide, LOVE submission, peace, give away, to share, unite to save or, so every free choice we make rises out of either fear or LOVE. In this statement, I divided these enumerations first as FEAR oriented, followed by LOVE oriented. I will underline those PREDISPOSED to LOVE. So remember you can have a thought of LOVE or FEAR. FEAR is the energy which closes down, draws in, runs, hides, hoards harms. Thought that prevents humanity from genuine and Unconditional Love.
Now on the other hand LOVE is the energy which expands, opens up, sends out, reveals, shares, heals, gives without expecting anything in return.
GOD is LOVE, JOY and TRUTH these three are interchangeable, and the inspired messages of GOD, come through INSPIRED THOUGHTS; these can be via feelings, intuition, the most powerful message is the experience. Now humankind has learned nothing from two world wars, and several other wars, these experience have thought the whole world nothing. We are slowly destroying our environment, and expertise is teaching us that, but we pay no heed to it. Remember GOD we cannot thwart; his will is that we will get the message and we will no matter what. We must do as a society start thinking at the highest mark of our calling; the GODNESS in us, and HIS hope of GLORY for us.
Having thus created an entire thought system about God based on human experience rather than spiritual truths, you then created an entire reality around LOVE. It is a free based reality, rooted in the idea of a fearful, vengeful god. It is Sponsoring Thought and is wrong now to deny that thought would be disruptive to our whole theology. Now though the new theology that would replace it would truly be your salvation you cannot accept it because the idea of a GOD Who is not to be feared. One who will not judge; one that has no cause for punishment is simply too magnificent to be embraced even within your grandest notion of Who and What God Is.
This fear based reality dominates your experience indeed, actually creates it. For not only do you see yourself receiving love which is conditional, but you also watch yourself giving it in the same way. Now even while you set you withhold and retreat and set your condition a part of you know this is not what love is. Still, you seem powerless to change the way you dispense it. You have learned the hard way you tell yourself, and will be damned if you will leave yourself vulnerable again. The truth is that you will be damned if you do not.
By your mistaken thoughts about the LOVE you damned yourself, never to experience it purely or wholly. So to do you cursed yourself never to know me as I am. Until you do yet you will not be able to deny me forever, and the moment will come for our reconciliation, and every action taken by a human being will be LOVE. Now never fear is the answer. It is not only those dealing with relationships. The decision affecting business, industry, politics, religion, the youths education. Then there is the social agenda of the nation the economic goal of society, choices involving, war, peace, etc. I took this from Conversation With God – Neale Donald Walsch and paraphrased it, more is following.
The question is thoughts of LOVE or FEAR; I capitalized LOVE because it is the highest form of the sublime.
FEAR is the energy which contracts, closes down, draws in, runs, hide, hoards, harms.
LOVE is the energy which expands, opens up, sends out, stays, reveals, shares and heals.
Fear wraps our body in clothing so you cannot see me; now LOVE allows us to stand naked. Fear clings and clutches all that we have. LOVE gives all that we have away. Fear holds close LOVE holds dear. Fear grasps, LOVE, let’s go. Fear rankle, LOVE soothes. Fear attacks, and LOVE amends.
Now every thought, words, or deeds is based on one emotion or the other. We have no choice about this because there is nothing else to choose. Now we have free choice about which of these to select.
You make sound so easy, and yet in the moment decisions fear wins more often than not. Why is this?
You have been taught to live in fear. Now I’m told about the survival of the fittest, and the victory to the strongest. Now success belongs to the most intelligent. Precious little said about the glory of the most loving. So you strive to be the fittest, the strongest, the most gifted; in one way or another.
Now if you see yourself as something less than this in any situation you fear lost, because you have been told to be less than this is to lose.


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