22 Dec


By: Paul D. Hudon

I am revising this article and taking out all religious entities or names. We also told that UNIVERSAL ENTITY OR ENERGY had given us free will. We are nobodies slave and don’t place us in a box or never allow that to happen to anyone. We do not believe that UNIVERSAL ENTITY OR ENERGY chooses to zap us with pain, as it is all loving energy. I also believe that it is through our thoughts and actions that create our experiences. We also agree that and are what we think, and we can also gain control over our taught, and given power of attorney over our self, this means we can delete any and all thought’s that are not conducive to our well-being. Now we must walk in a positive mental state knowing that we must think of those things that are good, and upright, and just any that do not fit that criterion, we must delete. If we activate our nervous system in any way that keeps us, always tensed up and worried we cause our body to react improperly.

Now my wife had been told by her daughter that she did not like me and would not stand up for us, this coming from her daughter was like a punch in the stomach. Now my wife not being able to express her anxiety, and hurt by her daughter, it festered and after three years was a tumor the size of an English football bladder. When we got to the hospital, she was or had a low blood count and required two blood transfusion. Then they operated, and gave her another blood transfusion, and found she had a burst tumor, and that her whole inner organs were affected, she was heavily sedated and died ten days later.

The lesson was for me not for her she was 81 years old. I guess thought myself on top of the situation but she was suffering, and I did not know. My wife could not assert herself; I was teaching her how to do that. Now like I have many years of bad habits, she also had this proclivity for years. She was my soul mate and my love, my dance partner, and my best friend. If you would like, you can download our story at this website. The book is the story of two people meeting in their senior’s years who hit it off very exceptional and end up producing eight works together and raising funds for four charitable causes 1. Alzheimer approximately $1000.00 and Heart and Stroke around $600.00 Senior Resource Center Approximately $500.00, we put on dance shows and sold tickets to them proceeds when to these charities. We met in our senior years and discovered we were soul mates, now this is an exert from the book Soul Mates Meet in the Autumn of Life, that is the title. Paul D.  Hudon – ISBN 978-1-105-52711-1 Just put it in Goggle, and the book will come up. Now I have seven books in a series that go into very extensive detail and are on: to continue the subject a sub-title.


Now we as human beings do not realize that everything that goes into the unconscious mind stores it for future use. Now some of the trash that we allow in our mind is just that garbage. One day we will have to eradicate it from our mind. Now this is not as easy as you may think. When we start growing up and gain responsibility we find that some of this garbage gets in the way of our being successful or mature in our undertakings. Now this is the war that takes place in our mind, and we see another law in our members, warring against the law of our mind, and bringing us into captivity to the law of failure which is for our members. Now we must learn to do the following, we must start casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of our UNIVERSAL ENTITY OR ENERGY bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of OUR HIGHER SELF.

I have a method that I use, and that is when a thought comes to my mind I use my power of attorney over this idea and order it to seas and desist. Now I am more able to do this every day. Sometimes I am awakened at night from a nightmare, with killing and anarchy, where I find I am the killer and know we must not kill so I order the dream to cease. Now by the use of this principle I am finding that I dream less and less these kinds of nightmare. The reason I have these dreams is that when I was younger, I watched many violent movies. They are now coming back to haunt me. I am learning to eradicate them from my unconscious mind by ordering them to cease. The most alarming part of them is that they come back to me and I am the killer. Now This tells me that I have yet to be totally clean these thoughts out to attain the perfection of my HIGHER POWER. The statement that says violent in equals violence out, especially if not guided by our HIGHER POWER; we act out these scenarios that we have registered in our anger moments.

Now we know that to hate our brother is murder, and here is the quote in John “Anyone who hates his brother is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life in him.” When you hate, you have committed murder in your heart. However, this is why I work at eliminating these dreams, because in my heart of heart it is murder, and I must eradicate this hate.

I keep asking the HIGHER POWER to help me erase these thoughts from my mind. I will not tolerate them to persist and must eliminate from my unconscious mind, and become more and more successful, and I dream less and less. Now when these dreams come to us, it is because if led of the HIGHER POWER we will understand that this is giving us the information required purging out the old self, and our becoming a new creation. I know that if you try this method, you will become victorious. May the OUR HIGHER POWER bring us to success to our higher HOPE OF GLORY and bring us victory. Now I do not believe that there is any reason for wars, and religion is the cause of all wars, I do not believe in religion, I believe in walking in the inner higher power or energy of my mind. I have tried to make this as scientifically sound as I can do.

This power of attorney is how we gain control over our the self and become a new creation; we can be all that we can be and be all of our self.

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