13 Jan

Worldly Government Are Not of “Great I am”. You may ask what do we mean by this. We say it is not His preferred will, but His allowed will. His intended Government is as follows. In this chapter, we will try to show you the fobs and the failure of mankind in his attempt to govern himself. The following example of government is the ideal; yet, man will not bring it about by his attempts. For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and The Government Shall Be Upon His Shoulder: And His Name Shall Be Called Wonderful, Counsellor, The Mighty One, and Everlasting Father, Prince Of Peace. Of the increase of His government and peace, there shall be no end, upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom, to order it, and to establish it with judgment and with justice from henceforth, even forever. The zeal of “Great I am” of hosts will perform this. This is the prophecy of the coming of Yoshuah and His Father’s government is future in the physical, this is what the churches say. We believe that this government is present, and happens in one earthen vessel at a time. his will be done, his kingdom comes, in this Earthen Vessel, one vessel at a time. This is how His Kingdom comes to this earth, and it is only comprised of those Earthen Vessel that places themselves under His Law Of Love, and the prompting of His Universal Holy Spirit, inspiration. This is the body, and the church of Eternal Creator, which is not registered on this earth, in governmental offices by tithes that represent denominations, but in heaven. This is a heavenly church and not an earthly church built on the Image of a man and all done for self-glorification. We do not have to go into detail, but 90% of the present churches build big buildings, they say to His Honour, but they are found wanting because they do not do the first works, which are to feed the flock both physically and spiritually. You just try to go to most of these organizations and try to get some financial help. They will send you to the social welfare. We repeat just try to go to any of these organizations for help. All with a few exceptions will turn you over to the Social Services of the community. They believe in their deceived self, the funds are to be used to build bigger and bigger ugly monstrosities called churches. What a waste of money, great big self-serving edifices, built to aggrandize the builder, not “Great I am.” Look up Acts 7: 48-50, and Acts 17:24-25; and see what “Great I am,” thinks of these edifices. He Says That He Does Not Live In Temples Made With Hands, we did not say this, but I believe it, so to whom are these edifices built, not to Him because He does not recognize them as His, He will not live in them. Over 6,000 religious denominations or churches claim they are His followers yet He does not live in temples built with hands. We have difficulty deciding which one is to be followed, and most of them have a pyramid style of government, very suppressive. They bring into bondage their followers, when they go out and proselyte they make them twofold the child of hell. These are His words, not ours, No man has the right to judge you, or to suppress your walk with Him. With their attitude of, do this and do not do that, they have so many physical restrictions that are not instructions, but bondage. These have no bearing on scripture. Ideas such as throw the TV out; do not dance; do not drink alcohol, when abstinence is not temperance. The bible says that the drunkard will not enter the kingdom of Heaven it says nothing about the casual drink, it was a requirement at weddings. It does not say not to drink, but when you do, do it in moderation or with restraint in your doing it. He wants self-control: balance in everything undertaken. If it is not against the Ten Commandments, it is not sinning. To eat is not sin, but to eat to excess is gluttony and sin, to drink alcohol to excess is drunkenness, and this is a sin. He is looking for moderation and self-control the fruit od temperance. These churches have so many dos and do not, that there is no resemblance to the Teachings of the Living Words. These are all man-made, to keep the masses under their sway, or control in bondage. Why do we allow the blind to lead the blind? When this occurs He says that they both fall into the ditch. Woe unto you Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites for you compass sea and land to make one proselyte. When he is made, you make him double or twice the child of hell than yourselves. They teach one thing, but in essence, practice another; we make them twice the servant of hell. We water down religion that it has no likeness to what His Word really says.

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