Hey, I had a terrible three weeks I was ganged on by bullies not physically, but mentally I was trying out stand up comedy and this person, centred me out as being gay had no proof and kept it for three months. He was very one-up-man-ship and was getting all these other comics not to laugh at his lines but for me. I was asked to stay away from the club for two weeks. I felt that the owner would not listen she banned me from the club for two weeks. I was not able to defend myself, and now I have quit I was having fun, I also was hilarious. He said to me in the washroom would you like to see his dick, then on facebook I saw him with his son at a park and said that kid could not be related to you he is good looking.  He returned with the comment Paul thinks my son is handsome I am going to have to keep my son away fromPaul inferring I was a pedophile. Now this bullying and very disturbing now I have a character in my book Legacy of The Betrayal I have a Dr. Emil Rieux who does self-help seminars so the last chapter of the book will be his final seminar. So I have been researching this subject he will teach how to stand up to bullies of any kind.

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