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8 Oct


BY; Paul D. Hudon

Congregate, Denominate, Dominate and Control, and is still dividing to infinity. The Eternal wish for us human is unity of the spirit, when will that happen? Yes, I question, when will we have unity of soul or spirit? We are in such disunity on all fronts, unless the walls come tumbling down we have no chance to save our planet. LOVE is the only solution, and it must be Unconditional Love.
Now it does not matter what ism we consider, they all teach I am right everyone else is wrong and I am normal, everyone else is not. Be it Buda, Judaism, Muslim, Christian, or any of this ism. The Christian as of 1990 had 65,000 congregations, with over 130 denominations, and they keep separating more and more every time we turn around there is another schism.
When we should be teaching uniqueness, and unity, so until we all come to the unity of the spirit. There is no unity; there is no oneness. So saying this they as one are the authority and only one who are normal and we the peons are abnormal and not worthy of being considered. There is none like me there will never be anyone like me so why to congregate, let me be me and you be you. Let us bring down the walls of separation as soon as possible. Let our love so shine that we stand out as unconditional LOVE. Or let our light so shine on a hill-top to draw people to a new way of life, to love unconditionally. Man does not have to be a carbon copy of me for me to LOVE him.
I believe this, I believe in walking in the inner core of my being which is spiritual, and CHRIST came to teach us to do just that, walk in the spirit. He also began to educate us; in weaning yourself off of the milk of the word and learning to digest the meat. Now we are to be no more babies who need milk, but being able to digest meat solid foods. The message He taught was LOVE, UN-CONDITIONAL LOVE. When we allow for the uniqueness of the other person, we permit the fullness of our GODNESS to take place in each our lives. What you do unto others will be done unto you. Or what you do unto others you are doing to yourself, for we are one human species, one body. No division, no separation, only unity of the soul, soul mates inclusive.
There are 7.5 billion souls on the face of this earth plus or minus, everyone a cell of the great creator. There is no separation we are all one body. Just like the human body comprised of 17 billion cells and not one cell in this body is contrary with any other cell, there is no division.
Now the idyllic condition is to be enacted through the spirit in man, the idea of soul mates is foreign to humanity, and very few reach the height of this phenomenon and only because they will not reach the mark of the high calling which is spiritual. They will not bring every thought into captivity.
Walking in the spirit means bringing every thought into captivity through the power of the SPIRIT in you. Everything required for your spiritual evolution is there in the inner core of your being, and there is what I call a magnet that attracts all of the knowledge required for you to develop or evolve into your total you. When you have an epiphany, this is when you have that magnet attract to you exactly what will fit you. Nor all knowledge that you may come upon will be used by this inner soul to let you be totally you, only what the inner core requires so you can be totally you. When you listen to inspired thoughts, if led by the SPIRIT in you the hope of GLORY. It is your voiced it is inspiration from your inner soul or spirit.
Science or doctors think this is hearing voices, but it is not it is following the inner spirit or soul and being led into exactly what you should be. Now religion does not know how to guide these gifted people into the way that they should go and shun these people through jealousy. Many do not and are not walking in the spirit, so they do not recognize one who is. They are steeped in the belief if you do not do as I say or do as I do then you are wrong.
Well, I am here to tell you that they are wrong, and it is all done in the act of Congregate, Denominate, Dominate, and Control. I cannot emphasize that enough, and I will keep this pronouncement up for perpetuity because it is the same message that Buda, Christ, and all the other Gurus taught.
CHRIST was a teacher which is what the word guru means, every one of their messages is the same when you get rid of the claptrap of humanness in all their rhetoric that man have put in as their interpretation. Now actually enlightened being, knows this and know the message, and allow it to lead them without anyone else’s definition.
The divided CHRISTIAN world is dividing and re-dividing, and every teacher is gathering followers behind them to fill their coffers, and so they can live high off the hog.
Now CHRIST said three-time that GOD did not live in “TEMPELS” houses built with hands now here is the quote: Howbeit the CREATOR dwells not in temples made with hands; as says the prophet. Howbeit, the highest dwells not in temples, made with hands; as says the prophet. Heaven is my throne, and earth is my footstool: what house will you build me? Says the Lord: or what is the place of my rest? Hath not my hand, made all these things? Now all those big ugly edifices call churches GOD does not live in them. His temple is in the hearts of men, the inner core of their being or the soul of man. He has been there from their beginning and is there now and always. When two or more gathered in HIS name, is among them.
Do you know what the steeple stands for it is a phallic symbol; of, relating to, or resembling a phallus. Of or relating to the cult of the phallus as an embodiment of generative power: phallic worship; or relating to the third stage of psychosexual development in psychoanalytic theory, from about ages three to six, during which gratification focuses on sensations associated with the genital organs. Now the phallic stage preceded by the anal stage and followed by the latency period. The bells are the balls that hang below the phallus, thoroughly pagan in their origin. In the Greek Orthodox churches, the phallus shows an ejaculation by a small rod coming out of the phallic organ, and some have a cross on the top. Check some of them out, :
Now steeples were not a part of Christian churches until about AD 600 when adapted from military watchtowers. At first, they were relatively modest and entirely separate structures from churches. Over time, they were incorporated into the church building and capped with ever-more-elaborate roofs until the steeple resulted. St. Martin’s church steeple, in Arbon, Switzerland, is a good example of such an early church tower. Once the entry tower to the Roman fort “Arbor Felix,” it today stands as a separate tower, adapted in style over many centuries, but where in 612 AD, it very likely greeted the Irish missionary Gallus as he joined the already established Christian community there.
Towers are a common element of religious architecture worldwide and viewed as attempts to reach skyward toward heavens and the divine.
Now you can change the name all you want but it still represent what the original connotation meant, you cannot change an onion to a tomato so keep walking under the penis and balls, and that is what it is.
When LOVE is in the acting man reaches the highest echelon of two beings joining as one without LOVE it is self-gratification, and this is through masturbation. The sexual act should transcend all self-gratification it must be a joining of the two Souls climbing to the sublime.
Christ taught LOVE and not the traditions of men, and the above is man’s tradition I do not care how you interpret it. “Love is a friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding, confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times. It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weaknesses.” Ann Landers. Christ taught the same thing. What I said above if it does not fulfill joint gratification it is just sex.
Now I am going to say this that the above quote about churches and steeples is only on of the many points in the Bible that are disputed causing division. Now if we do not define the Divine, from the fear, war, gossip, hate mongering in scriptures. If we do not realize that the for mention are man insertion for control of the masses, and do not understand that GOD is only LOVE. If we knew Unconditional Love we could eliminate over 60% of the scriptures inserted for control and there is nothing more controlling than religion. Where is the freedom that the half that pictures LOVE, Unconditional LOVE? Yes, where is the freedom to choose?

By: Paul D. Hudon
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You know too many people operate in the past and the future, past if only I had not done that, or I screwed up my life, or they live in the future when I get that perfect job, or I win the lottery I will have it good. They never live in the present doing for the moment or residing in the moment, they procrastinate, and put off for tomorrow what is to do today. Bringing to mind a joke, he who hesitates on the freeway takes the next exit off. We have power of attorney over our thoughts and should use it; we are in-charged of everything in our lives.
For what man knows the things of a man, save the spirit of man that is in him, even so, the things of the Eternal knows not the man but through Its Spirit in the man who is eternal, is it known. Remember we have not received the spirit of the world, but of the Eternal Creator that we might know the things given to us by Him.
This scripture tells me, he supplied me with more than human spirit life, and this Eternal Spirit returns to the father at death. However, if I imbibe the more of Holy Spirit Life of the ETERNAL CREATOR, I have that same life source as Christ. We must understand that this spirit in man does not make up the physical body, and they are not synonymous. The spirit in man is a separate entity, and it is part of the mind in man. Mind in man is deceitful and desperately wicked who can know it especially when it follows the dictates of man and allows them to mold them into their image, and not become the unique human being, they can be. Which is entirely separate from any other person? When the mind of man tunes into this Holy Spirit life source which we all possess from birth from the Eternal Father the universal creator, and examine our thought process, we become the perfect us and not a carbon copy of some natural leader.
We must remember in faith that if the Universal Holy Spirit has started or begun a good work in us, it is faithful to complete it until we return to it at death.
For that which I do, I allow not, for that I do, not; but what I hate that I do. If then I do that which I would not, I consent unto love which is good. Now then it is no more I that do it but hate and fear that dwells in me, and the will is to perform that which is good. I find myself not doing it. For the good that I would do, I do not. Now if I do that which I should not it is no more I that do it but the hate and fear which is present within me. We also must remember let he who thinks he stand’s take heed lest he falls. Now we are commanded to bring every thought into captivity. We must choose life and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, not fear and hate.
We must be vigilant for it says in the word that man’s thought are evil at all times, which means that we have to make a concerted effort to replace them every time with good thoughts. For I delight in the Eternal s LOVE after the inward man, but I see HATE and FEAR in me. Oh, wretched man who shall deliver me from this FEAR? Now laws have been imposed on man, by man and not GOD. Now inserted by man to have dominion over his fellow-man, and enslave them to dogmas, and rudiments that have no semblance of love.
Now the comforter, which is the God’s Spirit which GOD has given us at birth will teach us all things and will bring all things to our remembrance whatsoever, now if we start believing that every thought that we consider comes from the Universe and are there to act on them. We think them and always minimize that they are not for us, just random thoughts. There is no such thing as random thoughts. Every thought has power, and those that you neglect are those that you perceive not for you.
Peace I leave with you, my peace I give you, not as the world give you I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled; neither let it be afraid. You have heard how I said unto you; I go away and will come back to you. If you love me, you will rejoice because I said I go unto the Father, for He is greater than I have told you before when it comes to pass you might believe my word, and might trust me. He comes back to us every day in our thoughts, and as he said he would not leave us, we have GOD in us, and the promises are true. This body of mine is just a physical expression of the great GOD in me. I will try to make that expression into one of unconditional love of all humans.
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By: Paul D. Hudon
Until we all come to the spirit of oneness, this is a quote from the scriptures. Supposedly or should be the aim of all religion. Now this is not so, we have so many divisions that there is no semblance of unity. The universe or if you want GOD is not divided. So where is this unity, yes where is this unity?
Yes, I question the purpose of religion, be it Christian, Muslim, Buddha, Jewish, or any for that matter. They all say they preach love, but they all teach hate and fear and division.
Now all wars have been fought over religion and covetousness. “Why are there fighting in your entourage is it not to fulfill your lust, you want, and desire and you take to yourself what is not rightly yours.
Yes, this is the underlying reason for war. There is not one war fought for nothing but greed. The Germans in the second world war said they needed living space.
“From where come wars and fighting among you? come they not from here, even of your lusts that war in your members? You lust, and have not: you kill, and desire to have, and cannot obtain: you fight and war, yet you have not, because you ask not. You ask, and receive not, because you ask amiss, that you may spend it upon your lusts. Do you think that the Scripture says in vain, The spirit that dwells in us lusts to envy?”
Now if we could come to the unity of spirit, we would realize that we are all one in the universe or under GOD. They say what you do to someone else you do to yourself.
Here is the scripture quoted in full, “until we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of the perfect man,”
Christs thought the process was love UNCONDITIONAL LOVE; He understood the oneness of man. He sat with publicans, and what the world called sinners. He came here to teach us to walk in the spirit but man chooses to bring GOD down to their level, very earthy, and not spiritual at all.
Now this spirit that is in us is eternal and has been in existence since the dawn of time. We all are an evolution we could have had 100 previous lives. The reason we have had so many is that we have yet to learn the lesson of unconditional love. When we die if we have not gravitated to unconditional love our spirit is erased like a re-record-able CD. We are sent back to the earth to try again to evolve into a person of unconditional love as his or her mode of operation. Yes there is no judgment, there is no hell, there is the only evolution into a better you or me. I have this joke you know why I like to date a school teacher; she makes you do it over and over until you get it right.


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10 Jul


By: Paul D. Hudon


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You know you will be talking to someone in a counselling session and they say I know that, yet by their actions they are not doing what they know. They claim that they can’t, now there is no word in the English language such as can’t it is a contraction of Cannot and should not be used in proper English. Just a we should never say I am done, you are not a steak, you are finish is what you should say. There are many other example of poor English. I will not go into them today. Thanks to our Yankees friends who do not know how to speak proper English. With the texting the English is getting more and more destroyed.

When you answer some one with I know that, you are saying that you can read the person mind. You may know the subject, but you will never know it or express it in the speakers way of doing so. He or she is not like you, can never be like you, can never think like you. So his or her thoughts are uniquely his or hers. If he or she is trying to see your condition from a different prospective it is wisdom to hear him or her out because you never know what the universe or CREATOR has in store for you through inspiration. Remember nothing happens to us capriciously, unpredictably, erratically, or by chance. You know something from your own prospective and should always be open to a new slant on the same subject. As a new voice on the matter can only add to your knowledge. There is a proverb which says that iron sharpens iron. To sharpen knives we use a steel and most butchers can put an edge on a knife that is so fine. Now sometime a soul mate relationship is exactly that Iron sharpening Iron. We should never interrupt a person with I know that. You may be frustrated with what you may think redundant chatting but unless you let the person finish you stand a chance of missing the real message meant for you.

We are what we believe, and we become what we perceive to be us. Now we are a spiritual growth in progress, we must evolve into the total us, and you in to total you, and I in the total me. We must like a computer put in the proper programs to enhanced our use of the mind. These programs have been handed down to us by inspiration, and they must become the breast work of our thinking. The programs we must insert into the inner core of our being, are LOVE, JOY, PEACE, LONG SUFFERING, GENTLENESS, GOODNESS, FAITH, MEEKNESS, AND TEMPERANCE. These are program that your mind must use to complete the growth of your thinking. These are the programs once inserted into our mind. Like the word Doc., and the de-fragment in the computer, there are many other programs.

Now the mind can defrag or compartmentalized the information receive during your working day, this is done during sleep or deep meditation. Everything pertaining to that day is compartmentalized into the 9 fruits of the spirit. Or what I like to call the characteristic of GOD, these are what he wants us to program our inner core being with. It is only through this compartmentalized of these facts that you can enjoy the epiphany. The nine programs listed above must become the only programs you operate from. They must be internalized so that your unconscious mind can compartmentalized all your info in order that you can use them to re-write your documents in your mind. This is the process of changing bad information and deleting it. Yes replacing it with proper info to your betterment. Not everything that is purported to be true science is credible information. The science of psychiatry is the most science at fault with erroneous and redundant teachings. They do not council they only medicate. The body can medicate itself if the proper nutritious food is fed it. Many health complication can be corrected just by a change of diet.

Further in this article I quote the scripture, that we think our self rich and increased with goods and in need of nothing, but in reality we are wretched naked and blind, and have need of drastic change, and the quickest change comes with enlightened knowledge this and only this will enact change. Sometime we have so much knowledge and think that we have it all, this is what is meant by the quote above. You are rich in knowledge, but are starving for wisdom, and the purpose or attitude to apply it. In the computer language there is a phrase that says garbage in equals garbage out.

This was inspired by one of my cases that I am working at present she says she knows that but by her action she is not doing what she knows to be to her benefit, so hence the I know that. It is ok to know that, but the wisdom is in the doing that, so that you become the total you. I am repeating my self here, now if we sleep on this information, and do not act till the prompting of the spirit in us prompts us to. That is that little light effect that a lot of people witness, that they call an enlighten moment, or an Epiphany.

When that moment comes it is then that you can put the information into action, because it is now yours, you are now in charged of the situation, this is the sign from your inner spirit that this will work because it has become you, the completion of you. This is how you become you and only you, and the whole you. You must learn to listen and then give the information a Sabbath Rest. This is not a voice but an inspired , thought, idea, or reflection. When you have rested long enough, the inner core of your being will let you know by this epiphany or enlightened moment. You will now be able to act on it and it will become solidified in the inner core of your being. The moment becomes yours and you succeed in your quest. In the computer world, we have a process called defragging, now this is what the Spiritual Sabbath Rest does to the information in the inner core of our being. It compartmentalized the information received so the brain can use it to the benefit of the mind.

Another name for this is inspired thinking, you are now following the prompt of your inner being and allowing it to lead you in the way that you should go. The churches call this the leading of the Holy Spirit, and they have a ritual to ensure that you receive it. This ritual is extraneous, not pertinent, useless, superfluous. Now these people stumbled on the above principle but to keep the populous in subject to them they made it compulsory for you to go to them, when we can go directly to the source with out all this fanfare. The middle wall of partition was broken down, we have total access to the throne of grace. Yet this spirit in you is the GOD in you that gives you life. Now it is also the universal force that gives everything life. You could also call it instinct, it is that prompt that makes you make those incredible success moves. This is the prompt that all to often too many of us neglect also, and not paying consideration, importance, or significance to as well.

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10 Aug

By: Paul D. Hudon

Paraphrased From Neale Donald Walsch’s
One of the most common ideas about God is that God is on our side. God is in our corner. God grants us favors because we are in God’s favor.
We have told ourselves that when we go to war, God is on our side. When we kill thousands of people in acts of terrorism, God is on our side. When we struggle to make our religion the dominant religion across the face of the earth, God is on our side. When we create a new country, God is on our side. When we attempt to tear apart an old country, God is on our side. When we launch a social, political, or economic revolution, God is on our side. And especially when we seek to defend ourselves, God is on our side—which is why all attack is called a defense. Have you ever noticed that? Nobody ever says they are attacking anybody. All attacks are called defensive and are like this justified.
God is on our side in active matters, too. We’ve told ourselves that we were successful in an election campaign because God is on our side. We landed that huge contract because God is on our side. We got to the wedding on time, even though there was a massive traffic jam because God is on our side.
Wait, it gets even more trivial than that. We kicked the winning goal in the World Cup because God is on our side. We hit the home run in the bottom of the ninth because God is on our side.
(We round first and head to second pointing a victorious index finger to the sky to let everyone know that God is responsible for the feat. We drop to one knee and make the Sign of the Cross after catching a touchdown pass to make it clear that we praise and thank God for our success.)
God cares who wins the game. That’s the message, loud and clear. God cares.
God cares whether the pass in the end zone is complete or incomplete. God cares whether you hit a home run or strike out. God cares whether you get the most votes or do not. God is on your side, not the other side. If God were on the other hand, they would win. If God were on everyone’s side, it would be a draw. Every game would end a tie. Every effort would be a stalemate.
Fortunately, it isn’t that way. God wants your side to win the war. God wants your idea to make thousands of dollars. God wants your parking space to be there waiting for you.
Yes, the message is clear. And each of us can say it without seeing any contradiction. God is on our side.
Now comes The Great What If.
What if God is not on anybody’s “side”? What if God does not care who “wins,” who “loses,” who’s “right,” who’s “wrong.” who “succeeds,” who “fails,” or who does or does not do anything at all?
Would it make a difference? Does it matter? In the overall scheme of things, would it have any significant impact in our planetary experience?
Yes, obviously it would. Right now, billions of people are sure that God is on their side—and there could be no more critical thought than that.
This idea that God is on the one hand and not on another has given rise to more actions that have caused more misery for more people than almost any other single notion. The spiritual arrogance of the idea we ignored by most, who seem to want to sidestep the obvious conclusion that if God is on their side, then God, in fact, must not be on the other side. Now this sets God up as a Deity who chooses winners and losers, declares ideas worthy or unworthy. Then labels decisions fair or unfair pronounces countries good or evil, designates religious right or wrong. Then calls people saved or condemned, and holds all manner of preferences and priorities, proclivities, and predilections, penchants, and partialities.
God has been telling us from the very beginning, and it is becoming clearer to us every day, that humanity’s Ancient Cultural Story about God being on our side is plainly and simply inaccurate.
It is okay now to remove this ancient teaching from our current story and to stop telling this to ourselves and our children.
It is important to understand God’s not made in the image and likeness of man. It is the other way around. The man is in the image and likeness of God. And, of course, if God is on our side, then God’s preferences and priorities, proclivities and predilections, penchants and partialities all agree with ours.
It would be wonderful if this we could place on billboards around the world:
God not made in the image and likeness of Man. It is the other way around.
Does this mean that human beings are divine, each having all the qualities of divinity within them? What it is not said is that God has no human qualities. So God does not like the Los Angeles Dodgers better than the Atlanta Braves. And God doesn’t want your country to win the World Cup more than God wants another country to win it.
God is not hoping that your nation is victorious in the war rather than the country you are fighting. And God does not support the world’s revolutionaries more; does God helps the world’s governments. And God does not align with the values of the Republican Party more than God aligns with the values of the Democratic Party.
It’s time for human beings to let go of their need to believe in a God of preferences. First, we had to let go of our God of the brand name; now we add to that list our God of choices.
Derailing some fundamental ideas embraced by many people, it is time to accept the fact that God does not hold the thought that women should never be priests or members of the clergy, that gays should never be allowed to be married, or that non-Christians should never be allowed into heaven.
Difficult as it may be for some people to imagine, God does not, we repeat here for emphasis, prefer Baptists over Hindus, Catholics over Jews, Muslims over Mormons, or any religion over any other religion. God does not even favor those who believe in God over those who do not believe in God.
These are not God’s ideas. These are the thoughts of human beings who think that these are God’s ideas.
We said it before, and we’ll say it again: God is not a male human being writ large. God is the Supreme Intelligence and the Primal Energy underlying the universe intelligence and energy without specific identity.
Is it conceivable that God has no favorite color, number, team player, beloved nation, religion, gender or race?
Does it feel realistic that God holds particular political views, or economic views, or social views, or spiritual views? And if so, which ones?
Wait. We don’t have to ask that. The people who hold particular views will tell you which ones. Theirs, of course.
Well, while this disrupts the whole story line of people and political parties and nations and religions wanting to insist that they are the lone upholders of moral values and the last bastions of spiritual rectitude on the earth. Now it is important that humanity come to clarity on the actual nature of divinity and the factual aspects of Ultimate Reality.
None of the above means that life is against us. God is not on our side in the sense that God favors you over someone else, but life is always prepared to give us what we most fervently and feelingly believe we are going to receive.
Life proceeds out of your intentions for it. We have been told, “As you believe, so will it be done unto you,” and that is true. Belief is a robust and very powerful energy. It is a magnet. It attracts to us what we firmly expect from it. Not because “God is on our side”; this is because God has given us, as described earlier, a mechanism with which to manipulate and affect the raw energy that is All of Life.
Life affects life through the process of life itself. The Essential Essence is an energy that has an impact upon Itself.
One who learns how to use this energy in a positive fashion through thought, word and action have stepped onto the road to mastery in living.
Never “pray” or use the power of thought, word, and action to bring you something to the detriment of another. Always remember, there is only One of Us.
If therefore, you seek something for yourself to the detriment of another, you “win” with the right hand and “lose” with the left. Even if you seem to have “won” in one instance, the experience of how you “lost” will visit you in the next.
When in any situation where your desires are juxtaposed with another’s, say a prayer, or hold the thought, that the outcome that we produced will be the one that is best for all concerned.
Now this is true spiritual mastery, for it requires and demands nothing, but holds every outcome and experience as perfect. In this awareness is found both freedoms.  There is a flaw here GOD is not into war mongering, hate mongering, fear mongering or control. To think so negates the point that he is Unconditional Love. It also flies in the face of the fact is no respecter of people. Another factor is that HE is not physical, nor is he subject to be grounded.
I am inclined to agree with all stated facts above, as long as there is no greed or taking advantage of the other again we have to be operating in Unconditional Love as well. But again this is not tangent to being earthy; this is spiritual.
The only impact it would have is if GOD was divided, of which HE is not so since division is not of HIM or a part of HIS plan, then He is for himself HIS wholeness, He is for every cell as a unit, He cannot choose sides. He wants the unity of his whole body to coexist as a unit, like any coach of a sports organization, working together as a cohesive group. Not a great analogy, but so remember that physical analogies fail in their task every time. They are too limiting, too earthy.
God is for me, but since I am not alone, and just like my physical body GODS body is comprised of every soul on this earth as well as those in the universe. The human body is not unlike; it has 17 billion cells in its make up, and all these cells are one in nature. This human body is not what comprises the body of GOD it is the spirit essence, the SOUL or SPIRIT LIFE in man that is one with GOD.
Now GOD works with each and every individual on different bases with no favoritism. Now his support builds on the personal encouragement of each person, to help develop them according to what he laid out for each entity. We must remember that every situation that you come upon is not a capricious act, but something attracted to you by yourself. So when we remember that we as humans are one cohesive unit we can evolve into the person that GOD wants us to become.
Like the body, the cells that comprise the heart do not conflict with the cells that make up the kidneys. Since each soul is an expression of GOD HE is one with them and HE allows each situation to fit the overall plan. I am repeating nothing happens capriciously in each soul’s life, although the decision is the individual choice, and depending on how well the person is in tuned to HIS soul will signify the results. GOD only generates circumstances to encourage the evolution to the spirituality of each. It is the Soul or Spirit or GOD in you that does the attracting this situation to us. In essence, your oneness with GOD leads you to generate these acts.
Now until we can understand the unity of spirit or soul in the context of the cells of the body in man we are doomed to separate and re-divide to infinity. Now we are well on the road to doing just that. Now only in as much as we can come to an understanding that if we are in tuned to our oneness with GOD in spirit.
I have been saying that GOD is not physical and I will continue to say so. Now we have brought GOD down to our level; this is why we have so many do this do not do that. I maintain that the scriptures that we say given to us are a blatant contradiction because there is too much humanness in them.
I say the division of Scriptures is in two facets. I am not saying Old and New, what I am saying is, the two facets are Unconditional Love, and the other side is Hate, War, Gossip, Control, Mongering, which is man’s slant of what an earthbound, fleshly God would do. I have been saying the man has never climbed to the sublime as he was meant to do but has brought God down to the physical level, his level. Christ came to teach us to walk in the spirit, and not to be earthbound. I know I am repeating myself, but repetition is good for the soul.
This belief of God being a real replica of man rather than the other way around has kept humankind earthbound. Now this has brought more division among the races of men than any other myth pawn off as being gods will, according to man, and not the true GOD of the universe.
Humankind has never really wanted to climb to the sublime he has always wanted to remain earthbound. Now this is why he created his god in his image. Man does not know what oneness means, they and I repeat divide and re-divide to infinity.
I have placed a name on all these division; I call them The Babble Of Religiosity all speaking a different language and all saying they are the preferred one. Further to this I repeat it is the blind leading the blind and in the end, they both fall into the ditch.


16 Apr

 The Eternal Creator Looks at Mankind

By; Paul D. Hudon
Impute, ascribe, accredit, or implicate this is a double edge sword, the way the ETERNAL CREATOR uses it is to ascribe righteousness to those who are in CHRIST if we have entered into our REST through CHRIST; the ETERNAL CREATOR sees us as righteous and pure because we are under GRACE. We have always been under grace; GOD did not have to kill his son. Now because if the organization called in his name were successful, there would be no separations, and there would be no competition. There would be no Jewish, Muslim, Buda they would all be one in nature.
Now if we come to the realization that this is the way our ETERNAL CREATOR sees us in this light we will always rise to the highest common denominator. We will become HOLY as HE is HOLY. Now this is climbing to the mark of the HIGH CALLING, the GOD IN US THE HOPE OF GLORY. Now HE also said that the Gentile keep the LAW because they have it written in their hearts, so they two are righteous. I stand out and say CHRIST did not come to set up a new religion; that is humanity doing. HE did not want to divide because GOD is united, and Paul taught that GOD and HE were one, HE was God, and they had this information at his time but taught that GOD was HATE rather than LOVE. They have given us this idea that we are unworthy of his LOVE, which is not what CHRIST said but what the JEWS believed at that time, handed down by people who brought GOD down to their level. They did this because they did not have the wisdom of GOD and he gave them up as foolishness.
Now this works also in the human sphere give your son an encouraging name and call him smart, talented he will reach for that appellation. Now if you call him lazy and stupid, he will fall to the lowest common denominator. You call your daughter a slut; she will become one; you call her an incredibly well-mannered and chase virgin, she will climb to the mark of your high calling. Now This is a law of karma, or of the universal creation, and it becomes a truism. The ETERNAL CREATOR put that principle into action because HE knew what HE was doing. It is a truism and works precisely, positive, or negative. If you see every day as good, you will attract the right things to you every day, or will invite problems to your day. I am so grateful for this beautiful and magnificent godly universe which brings pleasant things, and which conspires for me in all good stuff. The holy universe is supporting me in all I do, and it brings all good things to me immediately, and I know it to be a very peaceful godly world.
In scripture it appears three-time; first in Samuel: Did I then begin to inquire of God for him? Be it far from me: let not the king impute any thing unto his servant, nor to all the house of my father: for thy servant knew nothing of all this, less or more. The second also in Samuel: And said unto the king, Let not my lord impute iniquity unto me, neither do thou remember that which thy servant did perversely the day that my lord the king went out of Jerusalem, that the king should take it to his heart.
In Romans: Saying, Blessed is he whose iniquities forgiven, and whose failures covered. Blessed is the man to whom the Lord will not impute sin.
Now like the scripture above King David servant asked that his perverse acts toward the king not be remembered, ETERNAL FATHER seeing us as honest and loved and IMPUTED RIGHTEOUS we become righteous and climb to the highest mark of HIS IMPUTED RIGHTEOUSNESS or rise to our HIGH calling THE HOPE OF GLORY. Now as long as we remember that this is how our ETERNAL FATHERS see us we will climb to HIS IMPUTED RIGHTEOUSNESS. Now this is the height of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, and this is how the UNIVERSAL GOD looks on us. It is the greatest desire for the UNIVERSAL CREATOR to bestow good gifts on us.
Now if GOD cannot be offended why do we if we are GODS as Christ said, then why do get offended, yes why do we get offended?
If the spirit of GOD abides in you, nothing shall offend you so why do we get offended?
Now there is nothing that goes on in your life, that is not orchestrated by the UNIVERSE, and they are all previously planned no different from a business man makes a plan to run his business, or to get financing. Now if you think for one moment that the UNIVERSE has not had a plan since the world began well I am here to tell you otherwise. Now this plan was never meant to be directed by a bunch of divided organizations that are filled with strife, and bickering and hatred for one another. The UNIVERSE is not mocked, and is not divided. Today we know that all things work together for good to them that love the ETERNAL, to them who are the called according to his purpose. Moreover, those whom he Predestined he also CALLED, and those whom he CALLED he also JUSTIFIED, and those whom he JUSTIFIED HE also GLORIFIED. Now every soul has a working agenda in this plan and the concentrated mind power or thinking process the more it is in sync the more positive the result. So glorification occurs at birth for we are born with eternal life, and have had several lives on this earth, we are here to learn the unity of spirit. There is no division in the universe. I have come to see a difference in the above scripture. We receive the HOLY SPIRIT LIFE SOURCE at birth, we do not have to have rituals performed over us to receive. It is inherent in us at birth.
To add to this there are 15 Billions cell in each of are bodies, and the cells from the heart do not conflict with the cells of the liver or vice verse if you think that your body is divided, you are drastically wrong. So to have the 7.6 billions people on this earth divided like they are, when they have all been created as one in the total image of the UNIVERSAL ENERGY SOURCE the great creator. There is no room for division of any kind be it racial or otherwise, denominations there is no room for these separations. If the physical body tolerates no separation the spiritual body should not have separations. Now why would there be need for salvation if we are GODS as the scripture says, also CHRIST alluded to and it says in the old testament that the sons of GOD took to themselves wife’s “ That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.
Now people make this into saying that Angel being took and married human beings, now all of the people in Adams clan were considered sons of GOD so everything they did outside their own camp was done with the people of the earth.
I am a GOD, therefore a son of GOD, which makes me GOD, Eternal life, Unconditional Love, Ultimate Power, and Free, hence a son of GOD. Things haven’t change. The above also proves that the story of creation is by the best of effort a recreating of history to support their idea of GOD. Man created GOD in his own image to be vengeful, judgemental, all those are human traits, not GODLY, for HE is love and only LOVE but for want of control man has brought GOD down to be earthy and not heavenly. Through Fear, Hate, Gossip, War mongering creating evil as a condemnation they made GOD into a vengeful being in the likeness of themselves.



20 Mar

By Paul D. Hudon
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In Spirit, Simplicity, And Truth: What Is In Spirit, In Simplicity, and Truth? The tenets and dogmas of modern day religiosity must come down; they are nothing but filthy rags and have no stand in the spirit, we must eradicate from our belief system. With this in mind, our mindset should change daily, drawing us closer to Him in grace and truth through the Holy Spirit Life Source. All reflection must be spirit centered with no room for physical trappings bogging them down. His grace and truth are not stagnant, or stationary, but ever moving, ever learning. We must be applying and must be internalized these new truths into our daily life. They must become you, fulfilled in your lifestyle. Remembering what we believed last year may not be what we do this year. Our belief cannot be rooted in stringent do this and do not do that. We must be able to freely interact with the spirit and be guided by the spirit. Now human-made dogma is just man’s conception and based on their vain imaginations. We will use the GREAT IAM in place of God because this denotes that He is neither male nor female gender. He is neuter gender because he is a Spiritual Life Source. Spirit Life is not human life, and cannot be; we must be mindful of this fact. “Principle I Am” making “Him the only I Am ” or the “Great I Am.” Remember we are the only ones who can say “I Am” for ourselves. Now the GREAT IAM.  Now the writer’s opinion; and furthermore, he believes; the Universal Holy Spirit Life Source has handed this to him. Furthermore, it can be substantiated by scripture because it is very simple. We believe that His truth is simple, and not complicated, as people would have us believe. Furthermore, this tells us that when in the Old Testament it says in Job, that Satan had access to only the earth Since there is no Satan, these are fabricated stories for fear or scare tactics. All in the purpose of control of the masses.
It says he had been wondering back and forth on the earth. They teach that this is his dominion, which he won from Adam and Eve. The GREAT IAM said unto the serpent; because you have done this, and cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; and upon your belly and dust shall be you eat, all the days of thy life. Now this is written in parable. Since there is no Satan, this is man’s fear mongering to control humankind.
Do we totally understand this simplicity? Why do we try to complicate His way of life? We fail to see that He is spirit and must worship in spirit and truth life that is in our inner core being. In Spirit, Simplicity, and Truth. What is with our Soul. If you know, do you understand?  Remember what is physical are the writings of Moses. Are you aware that nine hundred other carnal statutes were added to the Sabbath law alone, by the Jewish Priesthood before Christe came to this earth? We always ask you how many laws added to all the rest. Christ accused the Pharisees of having so many do not do that, and do this, that there was no semblance to the precepts handed down by Moses. Now this is why the Pharisees accused Him of breaking the Sabbath. He came to do away with the writings of Moses, and all other extraneous laws; and lift the Ten Commandments to The Spiritual as they were first intended. We repeat the Ten Commandments are not physical and have never been anything but spiritual. The above writings of Moses given to a weak nation, who could not comprehend the full meaning of the Spiritual. They had to have physical sacrifices as teachers, to teach them the true meaning of His Spiritual Law. They needed the mirror to direct them in the way to go. We said in the book the Image Syndrome that the writings and the law are not synonymous. He said there would be no changes allowed with His law. We sophisticated human beings are so much superior to HIM and say that the law is no longer binding. Now I agree with this statement because the law is bound in UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.
That is The Ten Commandments, yet He came to lift them to the sublime and to show us the pure intent of every commandment. Now this is what we hope to show with this book. The laws have always been spiritual, but the man has always needed to bring them down to the physical to understand them. The reason for the sacrifices, to instruct them physically in understanding the spiritual intent. The man also needs physical replicas of their Creator to worship him. However, the second commandment says graven images cannot, and will not worship Him. Is it not ironic that they the Israelites were not long out of Egypt before they made for themselves a golden calf, claiming it to be the god that took them out of Egypt? Why are men so soon removed from truths? CHRIST says to do it, one way, and the man seems to do it his way. The man appears to think he knows more than His GREAT IAM does, and further to this; the Eternal Creator says we cannot worshiped him in that manner.


31 Jan


By: Paul D. Hudon


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The Master was searching for a vessel to use; on the shelf, there were many  which one would,  he choose? “Take me”, cried the gold one, “I’m shiny and bright, I’m of great value and I do things just right. My beauty and luster will outshine the rest and for someone like You, Master, gold would be the best!”

The Master passed on with no word at all; He looked at a silver urn, narrow and tall; “I’ll serve You, dear Master, I’ll pour out Your drink, and I’ll be at Your table whenever You dine, My lines are so graceful, my carvings so true, And my silver will always compliment You.”

without heeding the Master passed on to the brass, it was wide-mouthed and shallow, and polished like glass. “Here! Here!” cried the vessel, “I know I will do, Place me on your table for all men to view.”

“Look at me”, called the goblet of crystal so clear, “My transparency shows my contents so dear, though fragile am I, I will serve you with pride, And I’m sure I’ll be happy in your house to abide.”

The Master came next to a vessel of wood, Polished and carved, it solidly stood. “You may use me, dear Master”, the wooden bowl said, “But I’d rather you used me for fruit, not for Bread!”

Then the Master looked down and saw a vessel of clay. Empty and broken it helplessly lay. No hope had the vessel that the Master might choose, to cleanse and make whole, to fill and to use. “Ah! This is the vessel I’ve been hoping to find, I will mend and use it and make it all mine.”

“I need no vessel with pride of its self; nor the one who is narrow to sit on the shelf; Nor the one who is big-mouthed and shallow and loud; nor one who displays his contents so proud; nor the one who thinks he can do all things just right; But this plain earthy vessel filled with My power and might.”

Then gently He lifted the vessel of clay. Mended and cleansed it and filled it that day. Spoke to it kindly. “There’s work you must do, Just pour out to others as I pour into you.”

By Beulah V Cornwall

    You know the first is the prideful denominations who have built temple to the ETERNAL which HE says he does not live in, they waste the funds allotted them and the populace go hungry. Now all the vessels have the same mode of operation, and they miss due order, which is to give drink to the thirsty, food to the hungry, clothed the naked, and take the homeless in, and visit the sick or incarcerated. They say that is not their work, but the work of their congregants. Now they build bigger and bigger churches which are used once per week or maybe twice at best. Due order which is the mentioned above is neglected because the people who could do these works, there funds are depleted on useless works. Yes building these big monstrosities and wasting the funds building their own kingdom not the ETERNAL FATHERS KINGDOM, and building on the foundation of CHRIST THE CHIEF CORNERSTONE.  Those high places will be destroyed.


The high places also of Aven, the sin of Israel, shall be destroyed: the thorn and the thistle shall come up on their altars; and they shall say to the mountains, Cover us; and to the hills, Fall on us.


The illegal worship sites of Aven will be destroyed. Israel sins there. Thorns and weeds will grow over those altars. People will say to the mountains, “Cover us!” and to the hills, “Fall on us!”


The high places also of Aven, the sin of Israel, shall be destroyed: the thorn and the thistle shall come up on their altars; and they shall say to the mountains, Cover us; and to the hills, Fall on us.


Now you may think this is not talking about the high places of worship today, now I will tell you, they are a waste of money squandered from the populace, HIS TEMPLE is in the hearts of men, and not in these big monstrosities. If you think this is not so, we could serve the populace better with house churches, and the money wasted could be used to feed the hungry, clothed the naked, take in the homeless, and visit the sick, this is the first order of things, this is due order.   


I Did Not Come Here To Do Away With, Is that what he meant with this statement. Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them. Now what does fulfill mean? It means to fill it to full, yes if you promise to pay one hundred dollars to some one, you will fulfill this promise when he receives the one hundred dollars. Now the feast of the Eternal Father the Old Testament Holy Days are fulfilled. You may argue this point but it is so.

Christ is our Passover, which means there are no more sin, he paid the penalty for all our sins, past, present, and future. He is our de-leavening agent, he is our atonement, he has brought us back to the condition of being at-one-ment, being at one with our Creator. So the feast of Atonement is fulfilled, the feast of trumpets is an ongoing feast, and being fulfilled by us if we trumpet the news of the ETERNAL’ COMING KINGDOM. His kingdom will come to this earth one earthen vessel at a time. If these earthen vessels understand that they are to be beacons on the hillside, they will be fulfilling the feast of trumpets, because the trumpeting Christ will be doing it through us. He is that light that beacon and he leads the way.He said I am the light and the way. If he abides in you, you become the light and the way too. He does this through us, because all of these feast have to be kept in the spirit, this is the only way they are binding on us. The only sacrifice he will accept is broken and contrite heart. So when we have this attitude of mind the feast are kept in the spirit, because we are doing the only sacrifice which is spiritual. The feast of tabernacle is fulfilled in us, because we are his tabernacle, or his temple, which he makes his temporary abode in, we are his dwelling place. This condition is only until we can be change to where we will be able to stand alone in his Kingdom. Like a physical child is forced out of the womb, we will be born into our spirit entity.  Yes, and along side of christ we will walk in our own righteousness then. For we will finally be Gods.

The last great day, which pictures the Great White throne judgement, is enacted in us if we are striving for the mark of the high calling. This mark is to the royal priesthood, we are judging our self today, allowing Christ to de leaven us. The Last great day is taking part in our lives and fulfilled.

This is the only way that we can walk in the spirit. This is the only way that we can keep them, because to keep them physically we need the temple and the sacrifice, since the sacrifices are no more binding, by Christ death, a sacrifice to end all sacrifices. They become filthy rags, they are works dead works.

We are drawing near the time when people will be partaking of these festivals and thinking that they are doing the Eternal Fathers will, but in essence, they are not. Yes the spring Holy Days are drawing near. I say this because it will not be according to scripture. In Corinthians is says this and I quote “Therefore let us keep the feast, not with old leaven, neither with the leaven of malice and wickedness; but with the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth.” This is not a physical command but a spiritual command; you cannot keep it physically because it says with the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth. The only feast mentioned in the New Testament is the feast of Unleavened Bread,  none of the others are mentioned, because Paul was trying to teach a spiritual lesson, not about keeping the feast in the physical. Now sincerity and truth emanate from the spirit in man, and are not physical, you can argue till your blue in the face it just is not so. Now this is not talking about keeping these feasts. It is instruction on how to walk in the spirit, and nothing else. Further to this what did this have to do with keeping the feast of old, not with old leaven, neither with the leaven of malice and wickedness;” The old Leaven referring to the beggarly things, putting our self in bondage again. Leaven of malice and wickedness, these are not physical traits but spiritual trails of the evil one. There is no way that this scripture authorizes the keeping of the feast. No other feasts are mentioned. Therefore, these people are making the living word say things it does not say.

The Old Testament was a shadow of things to come; they have come and have been fulfilled. Now we must allow Christ to fulfill them in us. He is the sacrificial Lamb of the Eternal Father, he is the Manna in the wilderness, HE is the Un-leaven Bread of which we must eat spiritually. When Abraham was sent to the mountain to sacrifice Isaac, and was asked of Isaac where is the sacrifice do you think Abraham waltz around the subject, and said the Eternal shall provide for Him self a lamb. Do you think he knew the ETERNAL PLAN, did provide then and HE did provide again 2000 years ago. The Sacrifices are fulfilled, and so are the feasts through the Lamb of the Great Elohim.

We have to remember that He enhanced the law, by saying if we say we hate our brother, we have committed murder, and He said if we lust after a woman, we have committed adultery. But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery with her in his heart. The other above is also true. If this does not enhance the law, and make it more binding, then what does it do now I said I try to make you think that is my duty to my fellow-man. Now we cannot keep this law, but the perfect law giver and the keeper of the law, said he would write them on our hearts. Then we will keep them because they become part of our character, and we cannot break character. There is one feast that I have left for last, the feast of Pentecost, it is fulfilled because we have been given access to the HOLY SPIRIT LIFE SOURCE, it is at our disposal. This is the life source of the ETERNAL CREATOR, and the SON CHRIST, this is the spirit that gives THEM ETERNAL LIFE. When we possess it we gain eternal life in us in the embryo stage of Eternal Life. This is the spirit that will resurrect us at his coming. Hence the entire feasts have been fulfilled. Suffice to say.

I am working on the third book in the World War II series, and the title is The Legacy , in it the children from the first book marry the children from the second book, making up the third book.

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22 Jan



Love is truly love, and every living being within this existence because the living is the contributors that create reality. What gives us all life comes from the Supreme Sovereign Spirit of Authority over all emotions and logic. Therefore, we must love the Spirit with all our heart, mind, being and soul! And the first commandment is exactly like the second commandment; love your neighbour as yourself. The divine vehicle, which is our bodies, is registered to the designer of life and not any worldly powers. Our bodies are the houses of the seed of our perfect consciousness. Our minds, which are spiritual seeds, are consciously connection with all living and this connection goes way beyond the all 5 senses. When we realise the bigger picture and understand that all life is connected, then this is the state when the mind is connected with the Supreme Sovereign Spirit, Who pours out life and knowledge to all living in this existence. Throughout the ages and up to today, many generations of men have been infected by the sins of the Fallen and are lead astray by strange ideas and devices. We are spiritual beings that control our own reality, in which creates reality as a whole. We are all contributors to this reality as we all know it because we are the ones that made this all a reality! So what is wrong with people these days? They seem to be turning everything into a bloody abomination and have absolutely no interest in the common good. I see this feeling expressed in all the latest video programming in which they turn a good story into a creepy violent soft porn bullshit circus! Although, these movie makers and media salespersons only put out what the majority wants and scraps the rest. So you got these films that depict what interests the majority of the public, which is porn, violence and other warped ideas. So many new fads of desolation are created daily in order to keep these mindless zombies entertained. Shock value has been the latest and greatest taboo that seems to sell like hot cakes in Babylon. And all this bullshit is the main reason why the majority of children today act like whore-mongering violent psychopaths. Most parents don’t have enough time in a day to actually connect with their children so these demonic scumbags become their mentors and take possession of their fragile minds. Parents have absolutely no clue what their kids are doing because they don’t even know themselves any more. Right from the start they blindly hand their children over to the state of insanity in order to be taught and weaned by nephilim technologies, elios beliefs and subject to Ephraim worship. This torment of manipulation goes so bloody deep that most people have absolutely no clue that they live within an insanely violent and deceptive matrix created by extremely evil demons bent on the destruction of all the living vehicles. Many deny that this is not so, yet we have witnessed so many crimes against the common good by those that claim to be “holy unto the Lord”. Just as those that say they are Jews but are not because they’re just a horde of egotistical reptilian abominations that thrive on mired waters and vile filth. The demonic lobotomized spiritually blind and deaf are selected and manipulated by demons to preach their version of the common good to those that seek repentance yet they cannot even save their own souls! Like drug tainted addicts they sing and pray to find what is good while they search through rotting wastelands in hopes to find any fallen scrap of goodness that could be washed clean with their poisons. It sickens me to witness so many good claims fall into the waste, never to be seen nor heard of again. So many speak of good deeds but few do any good works, and fewer make their yes a yes and their no, a no. Why make a promise that you can never succeed in fulfilling? Speak up or be silent is the choice we make ourselves, so do what you must, but do not vex the Spirit with broken promises spoken by your own mouth. We do what we must to be in good standing with Supreme Sovereign Authority of the Spirit of the Truth which requires us to fulfill our promises to those in need. Therefore, endure in your good works to receive blessings in abundance and never return empty handed with hateful excuses of the flesh. Why be destroyed by your own words? All admiration and development was given unto you; and so was fulfilled that which is written, “My beloved did eat and drink, he was enlarged and waxed fat, and he kicked.” From there came competition, and envy, and strife, and sedition; persecution and disorder, war and captivity. The unethical lifted up themselves against the ethical; those of no status against those who were in approval; the irrational against the sensible and the undeveloped against the matured. Therefore goodness and peace are departed from you, because every one has forsaken the fear of the Supreme Sovereign Authority of the Spirit of the Truth; and is grown blind in their thinking; nor do they follow by the rule of Spirit’s commandments nor lived as is fitting in the Spiritual Breath of Life: But every one follows his own evil lusts: having taken up a uncontrollable and nasty envy, by which death first entered into the world. We are all in the same lists, and the same conflict is prepared for us all. For this reason we must lay aside all miserable and rejected cares; and let us come up to the magnificent and valued rule of our set-apart calling. Let us consider what is good, and acceptable and well-pleasing in the sight of the Spirit that made us. Let us look unfalteringly to the lifeblood of the Breath of Life, and see how exquisite his collective is in the sight of the Supreme Sovereign Spirit: which being shed for our deliverance, has obtained the definition of repentance for the entire world. Let us search into all the ages that have gone before us; and learn that our Spirit has in every one of them still given place for repentance to all such as would turn to the Spirit. Noah preached repentance; and as many as listened to him were saved. Jonah denounced destruction against the Ninevites. How could it be that they were repenting of their own sins, conciliated with the Spirit by their prayers: and were saved, though they were strangers to the agreement of the Spirit? Later we find how all the ministers of the representation of the Spirit have spoken by the Set-Apart Spirit of repentance. And even the Supreme Sovereign Spirit of all, has declared with an oath concerning it; “As I live, “said the Supreme Sovereign Authority, “I desire not the death of a sinner, but that they should repent!” Adding further to this good sentence, saying; “Turn from your iniquity, O house of Israel! Say unto the children of my people, though your sins should reach from earth to heaven; and though they shall be redder than scarlet, and blacker than sackcloth yet if you shall turn to Me with all your heart, and shall call Me father, I will hearken to you, as to a set-apart people.” And in another place the Supreme Sovereign Authority said: “Wash yourselves, make yourselves clean; put away the evil of your doings from before Mine eyes; cease to do evil, learn to do well; seek judgment, relieve the oppressed, judge the fatherless, plead for the widow.” “Come now and let us reason together,” said the Supreme Sovereign Authority, “though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be as red as crimson, they shall be as white as fine wool.”  This is the lifestyle that is chosen for those that are bound to the Spirit and deny the flesh. We change ourselves in order to bring goodness and peace to this reality, yet many still want to play the game of death. They all lust for their rotten benefits, illusionary boundaries, and suicidal autopilot ideals which are created by the powers of their fears. Those that are revealed the supreme truth by the Spirit are lead down the set-apart path of life, which seems very strange to those that live within the demonic matrix that once weaned us all. We grew into spiritual beings that flee from these benefactors and defy the principalities to become children of the Spirit and not to remains as children of worldly powers of the flesh. The flesh is weak and the Spirit is strong but few can see this truth as defined by the Sovereign Spirit of the Truth. Many seek out lies and refer others to be subject to cruel slavery, only to believe that they have done such a good deed and that nothing else is required, have a nice day. We of the Spirit are not like this at all and detest even the slightest hint of evil deception, as we are the critics on behalf of the Greater Power that rules and governs all existence. We have come from the Waters of life, where the wells of all knowledge are kept for those that thirst. Our baptism was in the wombs of our mothers, in which we were fully submerged and breathed blood mixed with water before we breathed the breath of life in this cold world. When we reached the age of reason, the Spirit came forth and transformed us by the fire of a greater baptism, which transformed our minds and set us ready for our heavenly bodies that are soon to be revealed. Do not let this mired reality mislead you into giving up what belongs to us all, which is life eternal with blessing in abundance! Those that give up their mainstream perceived lives for the greater goodness and peace will gain the true life, yet those that try to hold on to the illusion will lose everything. Only by the thoughts and expressions of pure unconditional love can we accept everyone for who they really are and together we will save this world from itself. COMMENT: What I have acquired here is something quite profound, and I feel it bears repeating and posting on my BLOG.

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