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10 Jul


By: Paul D. Hudon

I took this from the internet, and I paraphrased it to serve my purpose because I do not believe in this verbatim. – I will be adding comments in Italic and end with P.D.H

As they awaken to the unique nature of these times, I think that many people will ask what the point of life is. There will be so much occurring and what occurs will be of such consequence that some will ask us to start at the beginning.

The purpose of living in this dispensation

And where is that beginning? That beginning is the Divine Plan for life. And that Plan can be summarized in two words: spiritual evolution. We move from God to God in quest of conscious awareness of our identity as God. We do that so that God may meet God in a moment of our enlightenment.

Let’s focus in on the messages of SaLuSa to hear his consistent explanation of the Divine Plan for life.

Let’s focus in on the messages of SaLuSa to hear his consistent explanation of the Divine Plan for life.

Some [people] will … ask what the point of [life] is,” SaLuSa says, “and, Dear Ones, wherever you are and whatever you are doing it is for your growth and evolution.”

  1. All of life, he says, is “a continuous round of experiences that you have all set in place to further your spiritual evolution.”

 Life everywhere in the Universe “is continually    evolving,” he continues; “it is a natural condition that forever impels you forward.”

The impact of the Plan extends to every aspect of our lives: “Whatever you are involved in including your family and friends, the object is to apply yourself to situations in such a way that it will further your spiritual evolution. “Your soul has an agenda that must be fulfilled, your soul is GOD in you and he wants you to express him in numerous ways, this is not your first incarnation, you have had many and you will have many more. Now if you look at every happening in your life as a curse you will have hell here on earth. Now if you look at everything that happens in your life as a blessing your life will be blessed, it is paradise on earth. P.D. H

But life is not only purposeful; it is also resilient. All our lives, SaLuSa tells us, “lead you ever onward in your evolutionary search for upliftment.”

It was the desire to progress that led us to descend into duality in the first place: “The upliftment in your spiritual evolution is the whole purpose and outcome of your time in duality.”

Regarding planning our next incarnation, we are never made to do something, and our journey into duality is no exception. “The Creator did not force you into the cycle of duality,” SaLuSa says, “as you eagerly volunteered to know you would one day return to your home in the higher dimensions.”

Now everybody goes back to heaven at death, I say heaven for want of a better word, but back to the UNIVERSAL FORCE OR SOURCE. Now if you haven’t really accomplished your enlightenment or your evolutionary progress you could come back and try again. P.D. H

In our long journey into duality, we played both light and dark roles to enhance our learning. – “Each of you has had experiences of the Dark and Light because that is the reason you entered this cycle. Experience means progress and is your pathway back to the Light that knows no equal.”

You have had more than one incarnation this could be your 100 or more lives on this earth, you have lived in the dark probably more often than in the light, you must eventually come to the realization that your life must reflect UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. That is the fulfillment of the agenda of your soul, which is GOD in you, your hope of enlightenment. (P.D. H.)

Eventually, we’ll transcend the human condition and go on to greater destinies. “It must not be forgotten that you are all potential gods in the making. Your lives are infinite.” You are GODS no and if or buts! This duality is you and GOD that is your soul is a cell of the great GOD in you your hope of fulfillment in your spiritual evolutionary process. P.D. H

Human beings now, we’ll eventually assume roles that are at present beyond our imagining.

Knowing that your present life is just but one of many that will continue ad infinitum, you will realize that it is all for your experience as you grow in consciousness. It will gradually expand so that eventually it could embrace a whole planet and way into your future some of you may choose to experience being a planetary logo.”

To what point does this all fulfill? The same distant future is sought and shared by everyone and everything.

As SaLuSa phrases it, “everything that exists is moving back to the Source.” To merge again with the same Source from which we came is the goal of everything that lives. Because this is our common destiny, “we join hands and help each other.”

For we are GOD, ETERNAL, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, ABSOLUTE POWER IS OURS, and TOTAL FREEDOM, we are not subject do this do not do this, this is not the freedom that GOD intended for HIS creation. P.D. H.

Some Design Elements of Life, One of the shared features or design elements present in all of life is the desire to evolve and progress.

Evolution is quite natural and the desire to do so remains with you forever. It is fun and rewarding, particularly once you graduate to the higher dimensions. Heavenly might be a word that would convey what we mean, but your memories of such times are clouded by the amount of time you have already spent in duality.”

Your soul has this information, but we have no instruction in the art of listening to our gut feelings or prompt which I like to call tuning into our inner core being. P.D.H.

There isn’t a life form that doesn’t feel the desire to evolve: “You … like every other soul [have] an innate urge to rise higher and higher, and not even the lowest of the low completely lose it.”

Another design element found in the plan for life is the feature of reincarnation. Its purpose to is to promote our spiritual evolution.

Now, this can also be called your souls agenda which you will learn if you meditate on your life and listen to the UNIVERSE and its prompt to you through your SOUL. P.D. H.

The purpose of living many lives is to follow an overall plan that leads to your spiritual evolution. It is the only way to advance and leave the cycle of re-birth behind.”

This is programmed in your soul which is GOD and if we listen to the prompts of our inner core we will evolve into our spiritual fullness quicker and become GOD once more for we are one with the source of our creation. P.D. H.


Our lives have often seen us suffer, SaLuSa tells us, because “it is through such experiences that you grow.

My comment to that is that we suffer because that is what we attract to us, we can either attract good or Unconditional Love, or we can attract Hate or Fear. Which will you choose? P.D. H.



Paul D. Hudon
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What you believe is what you receive, if your belief is on ill-health it will be your experience ill-health, if it is your belief that all foods are safe to eat, you will receive ill-health. By this I mean if you think MacDonald’s is good nutritious food, then you will receive obesity and ill-health. Now we are all free to believe what we want to because I repeat we are free.
I will preface this article by saying I paraphrased these lyrics in the form of prose and hoped you get a better message from them. – – –
ON THE OTHER SIDE BY: Ann Murray: Through each lifetime, run rivers to cross, but what if there’s no lifeline and you’re sinking or lost, just believe in your direction. Let your heart explore because you cannot reach new horizons standing on the shore, and there are mountains, we need to climb. But the mountains standing in our way are only in our minds and the risk of going nowhere. The greatest risk of all so just listen to the voice that says, ‘I’ll catch you if you fall,’ On the other side of doubt is faith; On the other side of pain lies strength.
The journey may seem endless when you know the road is rough. But on the other side of fear is love, for such a long time, I put my dreams aside. The tides of change felt dangerous; the mountains seemed too high but my dreams were slowly fading as time went quickly by, so I took a breath with every step never knowing I would find. On the other side of doubt is faith, on the other side of pain lies strength, the journey may seem endless when you know the road is rough but on the other side of fear is love.
On the other side of doubt is faith. On the other end of pain, lies strength, the journey may seem endless when you know the road is rough and on the other side of fear is love on the other side of fear is love. I took the liberty of making it into prose it read better this way for my purpose.
Now I believe that there is nothing given to humankind that is not given by inspiration. Every good work inspired by the ETERNAL CREATOR, if diagnosed with O.C.D or any other condition, it is given as a gift to you. I have Asperger’s disorder, and I embraced it a long time ago, and I see it as a blessing. Why is it a blessing it is because I have learned to use it as an asset, not a hindrance? Now I believe that, and I live by that belief, I have tied a not at the end of my rope long ago. I will hang on till relief comes. Just as they did in the story of a bridge too far.
Einstein had Asperger’s, Madam Currie, and Amadeus Mozart also and these people left us some great works or accomplishments.
I Believe, Believe, Believe. I use three because after telling myself something three-time I start to make it part of myself and now when it becomes me, my belief are solidified in my unconscious mind, and it becomes me. These lyrics can be yours if you repeat them often enough.
The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures: he leads me beside the still waters. He restores my soul: he leads me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for you are with me; your rod and your staff they comfort me. You prepare a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: you anoint my head with oil, and my cup runs over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.
Now the twenty-third psalm most of us have memorized it, and some of us lived them. I have enumerated from memory here. Now I will confess when I sang it the lyrics were not as from the scripture, so I decided for accurateness and quote from the bible. Now, these lyrics are by King David. Now the lyrics above are by ANN MURRAY; now she is no less than King David in the ETERNAL FATHERS eye, as well as I am just as highly thought or considered of in my ETERNAL CREATORS EYE. He is no respecter of persons; we are all equal in HIS EYES. No one is superior, and no one is inferior, remember that.
Now when you read or say from memory or sing the twenty-third Psalm you can bank on every promise in there. Religion would have us believe that GOD says no, but I know that he does not. I have everything answered yes from GOD in my life because HIS will for me is my will the two are one. Now I know his will for me because I listen to the prompt of HIS SPIRIT to me, and follow, so HIS WILL is always tangent. I believe that and live accordingly. I can get answers to any prayer even order my daily weather, like getting the sun during the days, and rain at night. I have had it happens one summer, and I learned that God answers prayer. Now from June until the end of October, I had this condition played out in my life. You may not believe me but, it occurred, and I still get this phenomenon to occur for me on request. I once forgot this, and then about three weeks ago I was prompted and remembered and ask that it rain at night and I could have the sun during the day, and I received my request. Now Christ knew his father’s will because he heard his father’s instruction through inspired thoughts.
There is a phrase in the Ann Murray’s lyrics that say I will Catch You When You Fall, now we must believe that is what the ETERNAL FATHER wanted to portray with these lyrics. Yes your ETERNAL FATHER WILL CATCH YOU WHEN YOU FALL. BELIEVE, BELIEVE, BELIEVE, remember on the other side of doubt is faith, Yes and on the other side of fear LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Now Love covers a multitude of sin, where sin abounds GRACE abounds more fully. I know that sin as describe by religionists is not GODS idea of falling short of the mark, it does not have eternal hell tied to it. Because there is no hell as religion would have you believe. Hell is a fabrication of the Roman Catholic Church after Dante wrote his Inferno and the church who preached fear of GOD used this fear mongering to keep the masses in line. They also used this same thing for the enrichment of the bottom line. – – Where There Is Love There Is Forgiveness.
Now, Jesse is a homeless guy that lives under the bridge in Kyeemagh. He owns nothing but a bike, a bird and a bag of about ten items!
Yesterday, while I was riding my bike down to the beach – which is about 5km from my house – I got a flat tire. I had no choice but to turn around and wheel my bike the long walk home.
A few people rode past me and didn’t pay me any attention and I didn’t expect them too, but as I started walking, headphones in my ears, I noticed the homeless guy from under the bridge saying something to me. At first, I thought he was going to ask me for something, so I popped my headphones out and asked him what he wanted? He then replied, “I don’t want anything bra but I’ve got a new tube in my bag, and you can have it if ya want!” Shocked at first, I said no thanks, but he insisted. So, I walked over to his little clearing where he had his things, and his pet bird sat in a busted cage.
He opened up his empty bag and gave me the tube (which was one of the very few things he had) helped me change the tire, even pumped it up! I asked him how I could pay him back and he said to me “don’t worry about it bro, this is what it’s all about!”
The enormity of his situation and the fact that he went out of his way to help me was so humbling, I mean this guy was willing to give me his stuff and didn’t want anything in return. To you and I, a bike tube would probably not say much but to a guy with so little this item must hold enormous value!
I could go on and on about how selfless this man was to give me, a total stranger, clearly in a much better position than him some of his possessions, while people like us are so selfishly attached to all our useless crap.
However, I just wanted to show you a pic of Jesse with his new Versace lenses, some new Sneakers, a full belly and a cold beer… Felt good to do something for the bloke. I also went up to woollies and got him a couple of weeks worth of food and some seed for his bird lol…
Man, he was ecstatic even had tears in his eyes and couldn’t thank me enough, but amidst me sitting there proud of my good deed, and him singing my praises. I suddenly felt pretty bad because the truth is if he didn’t go out of his way to help me, I wouldn’t have done anything for him.
I ride past this guy all the time and never even think twice!
Knocked me off my high horse!
Even though we sit around with all our material needs and pass judgment, this man has something that none of us can buy!
I guess what I’m trying to say is thanks for the lesson in humanity champ!
Shared by Donna and Amanda.
Some of you people may think that lyrics like these cannot come from inspiration because of who the person is. They are not part of your entourage or congregation so they cannot be inspired. Now, this is not so, you believe that anyone who is not part of your group is going to hell. You are in for a great shock because there is no hell. Now some people say this earthly existence is our hell experience. Now I will say this that every human being can work under the inspiration and they do not have to be part of you Babble of Religiosity. Now there are many people not part of the Babble that works under inspiration. They also live a better life than you hypocrites, yes you heard me you, self-righteous hypocrites. Here is a quote: “Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed strong enough.” Og Mandino.
Now I will say this since there is no hell, and by your standard, you are judged then you will have to come and live on this earth another time around. Now because the earth is the only proving ground, and since there is no hell Hitler is back on this earth living in a different family and maybe he will have a better chance this time. Now in his previous life, he was the bastard son of a rich Jew. Yes born to this wealthy Jews’ kitchen worker, yes Hitler was half Jewish. I leave you that thought of passing.
Now I can change any thought in my mind and replace it with a new process of reflection. I have the ability to do anything I want; I only have to believe it so for it to be so.
Here is a quote from John Lennon “When I was five years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy.’ They told me I didn’t understand the assignment; I told them they didn’t understand life”. – – Another quote: “What light is to the eyes – what air is to the lungs – what love is to the heart, liberty is to the soul of man.” Robert Green Ingersoll: – – Come on people free yourself from the dictates of a man who has no semblance of love. A final quote: “The thing that is hard, and amazing,
is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself.” Anna Quindlen.



19 May

By: Paul D. Hudon
“There was in a certain city a judge who did not fear God and did not respect the man. And there was a widow in that city, and she kept coming to him, saying, ‘Give me legal protection from my opponent.’ And for a while he was unwilling; but afterward, he said to himself, ‘Even though I do not fear God nor respect man, yet because this widow bothers me, I will give her legal protection, lest by continually coming she wear me out.’ And the Lord said, ‘Hear what the unrighteous judge said; now shall not God bring about justice for His elect, who cry to Him day and night, and will He delay long over them? I tell you that He will bring about justice for them speedily. However, when the Son of Man comes, will HE find faith on the earth?’”
Importune, beleaguered, demanding or persistent widow,  so we as little children who come unto our heavenly father must do so in this fashion. Now Jesus said, Suffer the little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven, He then laid hands on them, and departed thence. Now for the purpose of this article, I will not give you chapter and verse because you can get these scriptures on your own, I do not believe in spoon-feeding people, I think that you weaned off of the milk of the word and you must learn to digest the meat.
Now CHRIST said if we had the faith of a mustard seed we could move mountains. Now this tells me that there is no limit to the strength of faith be it large of being it small it will inspire the ETERNAL to grant you your wishes. Now remember that with faith comes belief. When Christ healed people in the Bible HE knew they to be heal. He commanded it, and it became so. Now we have this same power it is ours, and only through belief. Now you may need help with your unbelief, but it is there.
CHRIST promised that what he did we would be able to do and in a greater capacity. Truly, truly, I say to you, He that believes on me, the works that I do shall he also do, and greater works than these shall be he do; because I go unto my Father. Now, why is it that we falter in grasping the promise given us? Just believe, now to accomplish this, you must be persistent. Now the Eternal wants us to keep coming to HIM. Now every act should be a prayer, every act of goodness is a prayer. CHRIST said the things you do to others we do to the ETERNAL. Now this is how we pray in a miracle attitude. If we believe that our life is a miracle, and we live it with GOD in it each and every action. This what it means to do everything in the LORD. CHRIST was in a prayer attitude every minute of the day. If we can perceive that every action we do to the LORD, then we are in a prayer approach.



4 Feb



Part III


            This is another exert from the books CONVERSATION WITH GOD series, and I have edited them to fit my purpose, this is a conversation between the author and GOD and they make a lot of good judgment. Now I know that I write from inspiration and many time we include our own ideas and feelings as well. Now I believe that I very seldom write anything that I have not been given, or have been inspired to write in conjunction with an article I read. I am very often provoked to add to an article either to enhance or contradict.  

            GOD here is referring to all these, people who teach truth, through their work on their books, and a great many others messenger all, the writers, the artists, the television and movie producers, the musicians, the singers, the actors, the dancers, the teachers, the shamans, the gurus. The politicians, the leaders yes, there are some very good ones, some very sincere ones, the doctors, the lawyers yes, there are some very good ones, some very sincere ones, the moms and dads and grandmas and grandpas in living rooms and kitchens and backyards all over America, and all around the world. We are the forebears  the harbingers, one that are pioneering or initiates a major change, whit this the consciousness of many people will shift.  

               Because of this, it will not take a worldwide calamity, a disaster of gargantuan proportions, as some have suggested? Must the Earth tilt on its axis, be hit by a meteor, swallow its continents whole, before its people will listen? Must we be visited by beings from outer space and scared out of our minds before having sufficient sight to realize that we are all One? Is it required that we all face the threat of death before we can be galvanized to find a new way to live? Such drastic events are not necessary but could occur. We have to be a committee of one, we must love our neighbour as self, how much do you love self, how much do you treat your self with good things. So how much do you do to your neighbor those things you wish them to do to you? You the consciousness of brotherly love must be started at me and at5 you we have to be as mentioned above a committee of one. I will be the first, and then you be the second to express LOVE and only LOVE let us build that bridge of LOVE.

              We are in control if we, yes if we change our mode of operation they will not occur? Do we imagine that the future is predictable even by GOD? I tell you this: your future is create-able. Create it as you want it. But earlier YOU GOD said that in the true nature of time there is no “future”; that all things are happening in this Instant Moment, the Forever Moment of Now. That is true. Well, are there earthquakes and floods and meteors hitting the planet “right now” or are there not? Do not tell me that as GOD YOU do not know. Do we want these things to happen? Now of course not, But YOU said everything that is going to happen already has happened, is happening now.

             That is true, but the Eternal Moment of Now is also FOREVER CHANGING. It is like a mosaic one that is always there, but constantly shifting. You cannot blink, because it will be different when you open your eyes again. Watch! Look! See? There it goes again! We are free moral agents, we can create for GOOD or EVIL. We are all part of the GREAT I AM the GREAT IAM IS CONSTANTLY CHANGING. What makes YOU change? Yes it is our idea about GOD,  our thought about all of it is what makes it change instantly. Sometimes the change IN THE ALL is subtle, virtually indiscernible, depending upon the power of the thought. But when there is an intense thought, or a collective thought then there is tremendous impact, incredible effect. We as Human Beings as we change our Consciousness from HATE TO LOVE will change the outcome. We as human beings can create the end to our liking; we must just change our human relationships, from HATE TO LOVE. I believe that nothing but nothing shall offend us if we co create with the GOD in us the HOPE of Glory. So if there is no offence, then where is the HATE?

                 Love is though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not LOVE, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal. And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not LOVE, I am nothing, and though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, and have not LOVE, it profits me nothing. LOVE suffers long, and is kind; LOVE envies not; LOVE vaunts not itself, is not puffed up, does not behave itself unseemly, seek not his or her own, is not easily provoked, thinks no evil; rejoices not in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. LOVE never fails: but whether there are prophecies, they shall fail; whether there are tongues, they shall cease; whether there is knowledge, it shall vanish away. For we know in part, and we prophesy in part now remember when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away. When I was a child, I spoke as a child; I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things. For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known. And now abides FAITH, HOPE, LOVE, these three; but the greatest of these is charity. Now until we have this UNIVERSE change of CONSCIOUSNESS on a wider as describe above we will evoke exactly what we think, evil will be prevalent, but if our the essence of our CONSCIOUSNESS becomes more LOVE oriented we will create LOVE, not HATE. Charity and LOVE are synonymous, so I have chosen LOVE, is everything and only LOVE can withstand the test of time.  

                Even though everything changes so will there be the kind of major, Earth-wide calamity YOU speak of? I don’t know. Will there?  The decision lies with mankind. Remember, we are choosing our reality now. We must choose for it not to happen, and then it will not happen. GOD says, unless it does. So the change is tangent in our UNIVERCE change of CONSCIOUSNESS. Will you be a committee of one and start the snow ball rolling toward this end? Will you LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, your neighbour, your enemy, your brother your sister, will LOVE prevail, only if you learn to love, and not return EVIL for EVIL, but return GOOD for EVIL. Paul message which was distorted and used for control over the masses is what religion has done with most of the bible truth, they have rewritten them to gain control over the masses and the bible was not really put into play till about 350 years after CHRIST.

                Here we go again. GOD yes, you must learn to live within the contradiction. And you must understand the greatest truth: Nothing Matters. What do you mean nothing matters? GOD you have so much here for you to absorb already. Give yourself some time. Give yourself some space.

             Can we not leave yet? I sense YOU are leaving. YOU always start talking like that when YOU are getting ready to leave. I’d like to talk about a few other things, such as, for instance, beings from outer space, are there such things? Actually, we were going to cover that, too, in Book 3. Oh, come on; give me a glimpse, a peek. You want to know if there is intelligent life elsewhere in the universe. Yes. Of course, is it as primitive as ours? Some of the life forms are more primitive, some less so. And some are far more advanced. Have we been visited by such extraterrestrial beings? Yes, many times, for what purpose? To inquire in some cases to gently assist, and how do they assist? Oh, they give a boost now and then. For instance, surely you’re aware that you have made more technological progress in the past 75 years than in all of human history before that. Yes, I suppose so. Do you imagine that everything from CAT scans to supersonic flight to computer chips you have and that is embedded in your body to regulate your heart all came from the mind of man? Well, yes then why did not man think them up thousands of years before now? I do not know. The technology was it not available, I guess. I mean, one thing leads to another. But the beginning technology was not there, until it was. It is all a process of evolution.

              You do not find it strange that in this billion of years the process of evolution catapulted itself, somewhere around 75 to 100 years ago there was a huge comprehension explosion? You do not see it as outside the pattern that many people now on the planet have seen this development of everything from radio to radar to radionics in their lifetime?  You do not get that what has happened here represents a quantum leap? A step forward of such magnitude and such proportion as to defy any progression of logic? What are YOU saying? I am saying, consider the possibility you have been helped. If we are being “helped” with technologically, why are we not being helped spiritually? Why are we not being given some assistance with this “consciousness shift”?

You are. I am? What do you think this book is? In addition, every day, new ideas, new thoughts, new concepts are being placed in front of you. The process of shifting the consciousness, increasing the spiritual awareness, of an entire planet, is a slow process. It takes time and great patience. Lifetimes, generations, yet slowly you are coming around. Gently you are shifting. Quietly, there is change. And YOU are telling me that beings from outer space are helping us with that? Indeed. They are among you now, many of them. They have been helping for years. Why don’t they then make themselves known? Reveal them selves, and would that not render their impact twice as great?

              Their purpose is to assist in the change they see that most of you desire, not create it; to foster, not force. Were they to reveal themselves, you would be forced, by the sheer power of their presence, to accord them great honor and give their words great weight. It is preferred that the mass of people come to their own wisdom. Wisdom which comes from within is not nearly so easily discarded as wisdom which comes from another. You tend to hang on a lot longer to that which you have created than to that which you have been told. Will we ever see them; ever come to know these extraterrestrial visitors as who they really are? Oh, yes. The time will come when your consciousness will rise and your fear will subside, and then they will reveal themselves to you.

             Some of them have already done so with a handful of people. What about the theory, now becoming more and more popular, that these beings are actually malevolent? Are there some who mean us harm? Are there some human beings who mean you harm? Yes, of course. Some of these beings the lesser evolved may be judged by you in the same way. Yet remember MY injunction, Judge not, no one does anything inappropriate, given one’s model of the universe.

             Some beings have advanced in their technology, but not in their thinking. Your race is rather like that. But if these malevolent beings are so technologically advanced, surely they could destroy us. What’s to stop them? You are being protected. We are? Yes. You are being given the opportunity to live out your own destiny. Your own consciousness will create the result. Which means? Which means that in this, as in all things, what you think is what you get, what you fear is what you will draw to you. What you resist persists, what you look at disappears giving you a chance to recreate it all over again, if you wish, or banish it forever from your experience. What you choose, you experience. Somehow it does not seem that way in my life. Because we doubt the power, yes we doubt GODProbably not a good idea, definitely not. Are all your thoughts in control, do you think only LOVE and allow no hate or judgement.


28 Jan



Now I took part of this off another Blog, I put emphasis on certain parts of this article and edited comments into it. I agreed to a point but wanted to put a greater emphasis on the principle of there being no difference between man and woman. She had heard about Christ, so she came up behind him through the crowd and touched his robe.

Now I feel that this paradigm that we seem to keep perpetuating that women keep saying that they may have three children but they keep laughing at this statement I have four children, now there is no more coddling statement than that. If you married a child he was made a child by his mother who picks up after him on all aspects. They are only babies because all the women will not allow them to grow up and really be a man of character. Now you men may say who are you, and who do you think you are? Well, I am here to tell you I am tired of all you macho men run by your libido, and the only head you use is the one between your legs. The one on your shoulder is to keep your ears separated.

The single mother is becoming more and more a cultural norm here in America and the West. It presents unique challenges simply because throughout most of history it simply could not exist. In Israel during Christ time and before, very few women would be able to live on their own, let alone raise kids. A girl lived with her father until she was old enough to marry. Then she lived with her husband. If he died she would either remarry quickly, or go back to live with her father, or if her children were old enough she would live with them. This last case was most likely the one Mary and Christ were in. Although the Bible doesn’t mention it, most scholars think one of the reasons Christ did not begin his public ministry until thirty was because he remained at home until his brothers were able to support the family. Now someones whose father dies in ones earlier or late teens; we can only imagine what it would have been like having to leave college to go back home and support one’s family. Thank God, we have evolved.  

Christ is in many ways the reason we have. While most men and certainly nearly all in leadership give women as little thought as possible, and woman has been and will be dishonored until we have a new frame of mind which is there is no difference between woman and man. I repeat it is no difference between man and women. Now you may dispute this but it is factual, if we take the principle of reincarnation, on your second go around you as a man, might be sent back as a woman. What I am saying the spiritual life in man is no different from the spiritual life in the woman. They have the same mind; they understand as much as men and are as capable as men. Now you people may not see this as the answer but Christianity is one of the biggest failures. It is so divided among itself as of 1985 there were 65,000 Christian congregations with 200 denominations. Now, all these were teaching a different dogma.

Now Christ seems to go out of his way to let them know they were valued. There is his conversation with his mother in Cana, the Woman at the Well, the woman caught in adultery, the Syrophoenician woman, the widow of Nain, Mary and Martha, Mary Magdalene, Peter’s mother in law, the woman anointing his feet, the women at the cross and the resurrection, and I’m sure I’ve missed many others. No other man would have had so many occasions recorded. Considering how much it was a male-dominated society, now the sheer volume of instances is amazing. It is almost as if Christ were seeking these opportunities out. HE defiantly was leaving us an example and one we should emulate. The only difference between man and woman is anatomical, their mind is not inferior, to-mans, and on many level superiors to man.  

In this chapter Christ stops and then refuses to stop to show someone they are loved. First, He stops to let someone know she has been noticed. This poor woman has had a condition for many years this forced her to live in the restrictions of Jewish society. Not only was she unclean but anyone who she came in contact with was also made ceremonially unclean. Imagine being forced, against your will away from human contact. Imagine being beggared as you have spent everything you have seeking a medical cure where the doctors have been stumped in their attempt to bleed you dry both literally and physically. We would guess her to be either a widowed or unable to remarry because of this condition. Her husband left her because he is nowhere in the picture, this is what we glean from the text. Her touching Christ garment healed her physically but that was not the only healing she needed. Crist stopped even though he was on an urgent task to let her know, “I’ve seen, and I know your needs and I care about your situation.”  

This delay was fatal. The next thing we hear is that Jairus’ daughter has died. There is no need to go any further. We were too late. But now Christ refuses to stop. Someone has come to him and relied on him for a truly urgent need. He would not let them down. In spite of skepticism and mockery, in spite of death itself, he presses on. Christ was a recognized religious leader in the home of another religious leader. Even the father would avoid touching his daughter so as not to make himself ceremonially unclean. Christ symbolically spits in the face of this taboo and reaches out and takes the daughter’s hand. Then he says to the twelve-year-old, “Little girl, RISE.”

You know we must change our mode of operation with the woman, we must be more receptive of them as being part and parcel of the whole human race, they must be accorded the same privileges as the man, we have to work on our slave mentality we have of the woman. They are not your slave, they are not your servant, but rather we are their servants and must realize what we would do for a man we should be as willing to do for a woman. We have young men who make these woman into single moms, by deserting them after putting them into the family way. These Macho men who have no respect for woman, who run their lives by their libido and not with their hearts they feel no responsibility for their offspring. Do you think for one moment all the single mothers are there because they lost their husband through his death? If you believe that you are very naïve and know nothing. When will you men live up to your responsibility, yes when will that happen?   

You know we fill our offspring with such faulty instruction like a young man does not cry it is alright for a woman to cry but men do not cry. This is such a destructive paradigm, it only compounds the men hate woman scenario or stereotype. This is one of the most hideous teachings and one that destroys God’s true purpose for mankind, be they, man or woman. Again, I repeat there is no difference, the man could come back around as a woman next time and where would he be? This is why the GOD-NESS in us is both male and female; there is no gender with the GOD-NESS or GODDESS IN US. Now I am reading a book right now called The Biology of Belief, and he is a very enlighten scientist who understand the uniqueness of humankind. Who was a none believer, and now believes in the HIS GOD-NESS and has come to realize how the whole universe is connected on all fronts.  

God, we thank YOU that YOU still call the dead to rise because once I was dead until You gave me life. I thank YOU that YOU still step into impossible situations with us. Now I want to repeat that until we help our sons to grow up and be real gentlemen’s we will have bullies like Trump and Roy Moore. No women if you have three children and a husband you do not have four kids. If you do you married one of the most selfish human men on this planet. Mothers do not raise another man-child. Raise a gentleman.