By: Paul D. Hudon

              There is one thing I hate more than anything, and that is the Male Chauvinistic Pig who thinks that every woman is his serf. Now another hatred of mind is the criminal mind who think they can get away with it. What is more compelling than this is the crooked cop or politician who thinks they are above the law. Like Trump or any of the Repugnant Republican Party and government.

               You know everybody, is in to control starting at religion if they can not have control over you they will excommunicate you. Now, if you do not fall in line with the government, you are ostracised. If you do not fall in line with the gang, they eliminate you. Now, all these bullies are cowards and could never do anything without the gang mentality. Yes, they are cowards and wimps. Now a man that uses his wife or girlfriend as a punching bag is of the same mindset. Come on all you control freaks why can you not be competent leaders with a loving end to all instead of hate and fear. Yea, this is the mode of operation by all the pagan cults. Yes, all of the Babble of Religiosity is guilty. They honour the Sunday worship making them Pagan. The Handmaiden may be a fictional story but so close to the truth.

            We even have the sexual perverts who are into becoming a sex slave this is available on porn sites. Yes, how do I know I have done my research. There was a man on my Facebook who I played for a sucker and got all his texting on what I would have to do if I became his sex slave. I would have to ware a sex belt or a chastity belt I could only go pee when he said I could.  He also said if he wanted to rent me out to his perverted friends I would have to do all his bidding. Now he also said I would have to pay my part of the rent. Now he would rent me out like a slave but I would have to pay my way in the keeping of the house, and all the cleaning chores would be my responsibility. I got about three pages of messenger text on the subject. Now I am not and was not into his mindset. Now, it was proper research until it sickened me. I know what they the S. & M. are into a very sick mentality. Yes, I did my work. I would have to serve all his customers no questions asked.

Now, the reason that religion can get such big congregations and amassed such welt is because man is brought up to be a slave. It is not obedience it is subservient.  There is one thing I hate more than anything, and that is the Male Chauvinistic Pig who thinks that every woman is his serf.

Now, when we reach for the mark of the high calling, we never fail. For Unconditional Love never fails: but whether there be prophecies, they shall fail; whether there be tongues, they shall cease; whether there be knowledge, it shall vanish away. First is Faith, then Hope and then Unconditional Love, and the greatest of these is Unconditional Love. Yes, there is no failure when we Love Unconditionally. Unconditional Love is walking in the spirit if we walk in the spirit we can never sin. Walking in the spirit is not walking in religion because religion is walking in the flesh and Paganism.

             Now the Handmaid’s Tale this is not as far fetch as we want to believe. Now we have the Mormon religion that sends their young men out to proselytes then these young men bring back a girl they want to espouse and the senior’s ministry steal these girls and wed them in a religious ceremony. The young man has to tow the line and accept this affront.

               Do you know why there is no love in religion it is because with LOVE there is no control? Now also love does not fill the coffers, and there is nothing Christ-like in all these religions, they are all pagans. Christ kept the seventh day Sabbath not Sunday. Now, this is sun worship which is pagan worship. Yes, they are all heathen, and they can only fail because they are so divided and an organization divided will fail.

              Now, there is nothing more ridiculous than the expression “a real man is this or that.” The dumbest statement most of these men think is they are all men but are little boys who have never grown up they have to believe themselves, real men. It is that they know they are real wimps. Yes, any of you wimps come on answer me this you already know I think most of these real men are the most stupid on this earth. Now women have even swallowed this attitude in their competitive attitude swallow it hook line and sinker. Yes, they try to be a real man. Women take on the same toys that these men do like off-road vehicles and the other many toys. These same women have to take their guns out and go hunting for big game. They do this because they want to be a real man, yes and they are wimps. Many of them are the man in a lesbian relationship they serve as the husband. Further to this disdain I have for all these wimps is any man who will desert a woman he has impregnated is a coward.

            Trump made fun of a man with a disability, and then these teachers and teachers aid made fun of an autistic child. You the unread mass do not know that Bill Gates has autism he has Asperger’, so did Amadeus Mozart, as well as Albert Einstein and Madam Curry they all had Asperger which is the highest operating form or type of autism. Now, look what these people gave us. When one is deprived of one thing in his or her life in a disability, the Eternal Creator compensates them on another front. Yes, I knew a young man who was blind and could play the piano very proficiently and his music was of concert quality.  

          Those people are living and following a “good, bad Example like Trump.” Now, my advice is do not emulate them learn to love the differences. That what Trump is a good, bad example. Now, all gang leaders are good, bad examples, they should never be emulated. Now, Trump the insensitive, tactless, inept human being ever elected. By the dummies in the USA most republicans are stupid and have dumb and dumber followers. I guess all of the Trump trolls are too dumb to see the value of the human soul. They compare themselves and site themselves as superior not knowing they are neither superior nor inferior a bunch of souls with beautiful differences and unique. There is no need for clones on this earth. There is no one like you never will be and never can be. Since this is a fact what are you comparing yourself too? Why can we not just love these unique human beings for their similarities yet their unique differences? When oh when will we Love Unconditional remember when we walk in the spirit there is no color or creed.

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