Nothing but nothing happens in our life capriciously we attract everything to us. We have an agenda in our soul that must be fulfilled and if we tune in to this agenda everything required for this fulfillment would be attracted to us. Now you will always have a soul that you are attracted to and it is a fractious soul, this attraction is for the fractious soul not for your soul. The problem the soul that has attached itself to you is not yet ready to pick up what it needs if we could understand this we would be more patient with it.

               Now everything happens for a purpose the hate that is prevalent in the world today I have hates yes, but it is that I hate racist and I hate all the following. I also hate the womanizing man who believes he is god’s gift to women. I hate the one-up-man-ship comic who thinks that everything that comes out of his mouth is funny. I detest the man who would destroy anything that he or sees as threatening they destroy. It is not part of their consciousness but an unconscious desire because it is something they know they will never have. Now we do not have because we do not believe we can have it. Now if we could find it in our self, there is nothing that is out of reach. It is out of reach because they do not have themselves align to their soul’s agenda and are not receiving the inspired communication that would help them really rise to the unity of body, mind and soul to the complete man.  

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