Now, this is the most debilitating thing that can occur to self. There is no one like self never has been and never will be so what are we accomplishing only persistent of a problem because in resisting something we lose control. We can be against war as well, but when we raised in a warmongering family we have no alternative but to comply with our cloning! Now we come from a family of 13 children we have 6 Brothers and six sisters. Our father cloned 6 of the brothers, me he could not clone. Being the black sheep and not accepted by all the redneck brothers three died from cancer because they resisted their cloning but when in resist it persists. They took their health for granted. Now hate is nothing but comparing his ideas against yours, and we are superior which makes us superior in our mind.
When He finished His creation, He looked it over and proclaimed it all good, since goodness is a trait, and character of His, and since we are part of that creation, hence we are good, and if good, righteous, perfect. I will give you the definition of perfect here, there is no one like you or me never has been and never will be this make us perfect. You the perfect you and me the perfect me. Now when we compare ourselves with others we either consider ourselves superior or inferior. This is a conclusion that we are no longer perfect and we have fallen from perfection. Since you cannot be me and I cannot be you the moment I compare myself to anyone I am no longer me. We can look at others fine traits but we must emulate them in our own perfection, not in theirs. When we give this emulation of others a Spiritual Rest we internalize it as ours and it is not the others perfection that we embrace but the new better perfection of self.

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