By: Paul D. Hudon


Susan More and Stephen Black married on January 7, 1942, and she gave birth to her firstborn on September 10, 1943. She gave birth to triplets, two were Identical twins, and the other showed darker features, so the boys were identical. They decided to try a little deceit they brought the baby home and said one of her first cousins had died in childbirth and they took the baby over as she had no relative the husband had been killed overseas in France. Now, this was a lie, but the father was or had an idea he wanted to play with this idea for he was an amateur phycologist. Now, his wife agreed to go along with him.
His real trade was a dance choreographer and his wife, was a music coordinator and director. The children were named David, Donald, and Diana Black-More. Now David and Donald where the identical babies.
July 4, 1964, the S & S Black-More studio was planning a big production, and the main characters in the one-act play were the three children. David, Diana, and Donald were the main and only characters in the one-act play. The motif of the drama was a love triangle now the main idea of the story was that the three characters were taught the same steps in a Rumba routine a very slow Rumba. Now, the slowest of all the Bolero Rumbas. The choreography was so tight, and they played off of each other in such synchronicity that they almost looked like one-person dancing in mirrors. They were three throughout the whole half hour production. These three young people now were very proficient in their arts and had practised for hours their routines, now this kind of synchronicity is hard to accomplish with objectivity. It would appear that there was only one dancer and they were genuinely interchanging of the dances in and out of the circle. It would seem that there was only one dancer on the stage yet they would all be on the stage at the same time. It required unique lighting effects. There had to be shadows and dark arias on the stage so that it always appeared as one dancer. Now, this they orchestrated by a new phenomenon and had been taught out by Susan Blackmore. Now when they were all three in a part of the dance routine, it would appear as a superimposed one on the other. Now at the end of the performance, the cast got a standing ovation.
The reviewers “this was one of the most innovative undertakings by a studio a production far advance in its feel I was like three souls in sync giving the expression of one human being. Such unity of spiritual bliss.”
Now every time these young people did it, they got the impression that they were one people. They then receive the shock of their life because their father got this revelation that his little lie had gone on long enough.
He walked backstage and disclosed that they were not cousins but two brothers and one sister they were born triplets. Now all three spoke at once we knew this about us We saw ourselves as such never seen any other side of their perception. But could not prove it but all three were total soul mates. We never really believed otherwise. We have never been separated in our mindset and new that there was something grand about our relationship even before you confirmed it. So, your little lie backfired on you we felt we could be nothing but brothers and sister.

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