I said that the misconception that the age of reason starts at seven years old is just a myth. The awareness of a child begins at birth, and impressions implanted in the mind of a child from the first day of his or her life. They learn more in the first five years of experience than they will ever learn per year for each year of the rest of his or her life. The reason for this is because everything learned can occur in fragments in the memory, and it is not there in any logical order. It is not until the child can form sentences; that he or she can organize the data. There may be no conscious recall of the first two years, yet it is the base of his or her learning. The Creator and Mother psychic formulated in the inner core being of the mind of the child. If the Creator and mother part of the brain is found wanting the child part of the psychic is bruised and almost destroyed. I said, this before. Further to this, I add the reason for this damaged child, is because the earthly father is fallible, and a misconception of the Father image permeates the mind of the child. When the Eternal Creator, calls this person the child can now heal.
Everything that has transpired in the little mind of the child first in the embryo stage, then in babyhood, and toddler, adolescent, puberty; I repeat every stage of his development a develops in the set parameters set down by the innate spirit in man the life of man. They are either augmented for good, or for confusion because of the fallibility of man. If humans genuinely led of or by the Eternal Creator, they understand their responsibility and live accordingly with unconditional love. Conditioning or learning establish this Spirit Image, and yet being talented through inherited qualities; which are present at birth but not necessarily hereditary. Mostly acquired during fetal development, and talents are from the Eternal Creator. If the latter is true and I believe it to be so, then children are predisposed to develop into what they become. We know in nature if you want a young sapling to grow straight; you guide it by stays and props so that it will improve in that straight manner. We in society do not have excellent guides and stays but all too often our thinking is that we are the norm, and set our self as the image that our children should pattern themselves after. These are not the guides set down by our Eternal Creator. The guides that our Eternal Creator has set forth are His Devine Image which we have access to by the inspired help of His Spirit Life, His Universal Holy Spirit. That is the guides and stays that will bring up the child in the way he should grow. We must let the Eternal Creator and His Son work in the child by introducing the child to them. We must study our children and look for these talents set down by our Eternal Creator in them. We must never live our life with doing as I say and not doing the same. We should lead our children by example. If we do not want our children to smoke or do drugs, we should not be seen doing this. Now, this is the attitude of the choice Good and Evil. Now a little lie if there is a right end is OK the end justifies the means. I grew out of it they will too, this is not true, because they are not you. However, this is very important the lies foisted off on humanity should not be part of the education or teaching in the Childs upbringing. They only serve as garbage that will have to be deleted from the mind of the child, when he indeed decides that he will follow his Saviour. “And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.”

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